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Recruiting in the Knight :: SG Jamel Outler

Right in the middle of football, Pat Knight has his first commitment of the 2010 class, SG Jamel Outler.  Let's get to it.

The Measurables



Jamel Outler
Position: SG
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 86 Grade
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 180 lbs
High School: Bellaire (Bellaire, TX)

The Film

None that I can find.

The Scouting Report

No film so we really can't give an opinion here unless you've seen Outler play.  The ESPN profile has a little bit of a scouting report:

Outler is a true shooting guard that attacks from the wing in transition and in the half court. He runs the floor and can beat his defender off the dribble for an acrobatic layup. Outlet can get to the rim and elevate over smaller defenders and score with his good athletic ability and length. He goes to the defensive glass and can initiate the fast break as well. He is a good mid range shooter off the catch or dribble but must be more consistent from beyond the arc. Outler must work on his shot preparation. He seems to always be straight legged when he catches the ball and is open to knock down a jumper off the catch. He is a good on ball defender and plays with energy and effort. He is a good ball handler that can help break pressure from the wing or attack from a ball reversal pass against the press. One to watch to see how much he will improve his game this summer.

Also located is SB Nation Gonzaga blog, The Slipper Still Fits, talked with Sam Kahn Jr. of the Houston Chronicle about Outler:

Slipper Still Fits:  What kind of role does Jamel play for his Bellaire team? Does he have the ability to be a go-to scorer and takeover games?

Sam Khan:  It looks like to me that Outler has been a spot up shooter and secondary scorer for Bellaire. He's not their go-to scorer - that is their sophomore guard Sheldon McClellan. I think he does have the ability to be a go-to scorer but Bellaire has so many options that he doesn't have to be. That, and I don't know if he's consistent enough to be a go-to guy.

SSF:  How would you describe Jamel on the offensive end of the court? What are his greatest strengths and weaknesses on offense?

SK:  Jamel is a guy that can score inside and out. His strengths are his outside shooting (his jump shot in general is pretty good) and driving to the hoop - he can finish. As far as weaknesses, I haven't seen a lot of deficiencies skill-wise, but I would like for him to be more consistent.

I also found Bellaire's statistics from last year and averaged 14.3 points a game last year.  According to Kahn, Outler is not the main scoring option for Bellaire (Mcclellan averaged 18.4 points a game).

Jamel, Welcome to Texas Tech, and Git Your Guns Up!