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Recruiting on the High Seas :: OL Javius Townsend

Two commitments in one day (although I am admittedly behind on this).  Javius Townsend, an offensive lineman from James Madison HS in Dallas, Texas, committed to your Red Raiders on Tuesday, along with LB Fred Harvey.  Also, I've updated the ESPN grades and I think they're accurate.  If not, drop me a comment.

The Measurables:



Javius Townsend
Position: OL
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 75 Grade
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 300 lbs
Forty: 5.50 secs
High School: James Madison (Dallas, TX)

The Player Speaks

LAJ's Don Williams spoke with Townsend and he sounds appreciative of his opportunity:

“Where I’m from, it’s a blessing,’’ he said. “Not too many people from my neighborhood get scholarships.

“I’m very motivated. I’ve got a big family. I have tons of sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews. I have a nephew on the way. I’ve just got to make it. I’ve just got to.’’

And Townsend believes he'll fit in nicely in the Texas Tech offense:

“It’s the spread offense, and that’s what we run at my school,’’ said Townsend, who twice has been first-team all-District 11-3A. “I know I’m going to be a perfect fit for their scheme, and it just feels right.’’

The Film

Again, no film other than what you'll see, which is good film, on the ESPN profile. 

The Scouting Report

Townsend looks like a real go-getter.  High motor, always looking to block someone, anyone, and even would drive some opposing players (although the opposing players were much smaller and in the secondary, but this proves the point that Townsend is looking to block anyone) into the ground.  Here's a portion of the ESPN profile:

Townsend presently plays offensive tackle but lacks the height for the position that we like to see at the major level of competition. Possesses the flexibility, foot quickness and playing strength to handle a move to guard has he begins his collegiate career. It will be necessary to transform his body weight to some extent. Plays in a two point stance but shows the ability to bend and move well in space. More of a wall off / position blocker due to the offense run; Shows good pull/ trap ability, can seal and block a moving target with impact at the point of attack; Gets out in front of ball carriers, looking for people to block.

The 2010 Class

Position Commitment
QB Scotty Young (6-3/185)
RB Aaron Spikes (5-10/185)
Delans Griffin (5-10/180)
WR Shawn Corker (6-1/189)
Kadron Boone (6-1/197)
OL Beau Carpenter (6-7/260)
James Polk (6-7/290)
Denton Simek (6-4/260)
Javius Townsend (6-2/300)
DL Kedrick Dial (6-5/215)
Jackson Richards (6-4/240)
Coby Coleman (6-3/280)
LB Zac Winbush (6-2/200)
Fred Harvey (5-11/230)
DB Desmond Martin (6-0/173)
Russell Polk (5-11/200)
Brandon Smith (6-1/175)
Urell Johnson (6-0/180)
Tre'Vante Porter (6-1/185)


Javius, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!!