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Recruiting on the High Seas // RB Delans Griffin

I'm not sure which is a bigger commitment recently, and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if you could be in for a few more surprises relatively soon.  The Texas Tech Red Raiders received a verbal commitment from Clinton, OK running back, Delans Griffin. This is a huge commitment and just from looking at the rankings below as well as the film after the jump, you'll see why.

The Measurables:



Delans Griffin
Position: RB
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 78 Grade
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 180 lbs
Forty: 4.49
High School: Clinton (Clinton, OK)


Jump as fast as you can.

The Film:

Heck yes.

Granted, the blocks and the holes Griffin's offensive line is opening up are pretty spectacular, but you can tell that he's got vision and speed to burn. Watch for yourself, and you may want to turn down your speakers.


'10 OK HB Delans Griffin (via RedshirtScouting)

The Scouting Report:

First, my general perception and then the very reliable ESPN for additional thoughts. As mentioned above, Griffin seems to have tremendous vision and and cut-back ability. The guy looks really smooth finding the hole, and it doesn't have to be much for him to find a spot, and then turn on the jets. The guy looks to be pretty special. The Red Raiders have come up with some impressive runners recently, and you can certainly add Griffin to that list.

Now to Griffin's ESPN profile:

SGriffin is smooth, natural running back prospect with the potential to develop into a productive featured runner at the next level. Has just adequate size at this time but is well-defined, wiry and has the body to play at 190-pounds to assist his inline power and durability. Shows very good pick and dart zone running skills; has great hips, foot-quickness, vision and body control. Sees the creases open up quickly between the tackles and makes sharp, decisive cuts. Very sudden in-line runner who is difficult to get a clean shot on. Reaches top-speed quickly allowing him to hit the seams just as they open and generate enough momentum to break first contact on occasion. Flashes good burst and foot-speed bouncing outside; loses very little in transition cutting laterally and can turn the corner and separate.

Make sure and click on through for the entire evaluation.

Two Running Backs?

It's been since 2007 since the Captain signed two running backs, Jared Flannel (now turned safety) and Aaron Crawford. But with the addition of Griffin, Leach & Co. have secured both Griffin's verbal commitment and fellow runner Aaron Spikes, who also looks to be a pretty talented runner. The difference between the two is that Spikes appears to be more of a Harrison Jeffers type of running back, smaller in stature but has the ability to add some weight. Griffin on the other hand looks lanky out on the field. Perhaps Griffin's commitment signals a type of player that is a little more versatile, could be split wide, perhaps be moved around a bit in motion, etc. If anything, I think it gives Leach some ability to be creative, maybe a look ahead as he tries to tweak his offense a bit.

The Player Speaks

RaiderPower's Mark Sparrow talked with Griffin and how he thinks he fits in the offense:

"I think that I’ll fit in really well with Texas Tech’s offense. I like playing in the spread offense, and I can catch the ball as well as run it. I think that’s an advantage I have to playing tail back; I can either run the ball out of the backfield or I can catch passes.

The 2010 Class:

Position Commitment
QB Scotty Young (6-3/185)
RB Aaron Spikes (5-9/185)
Delans Griffin (5-10/180)
WR Shawn Corker (6-1/189)
OL Beau Carpenter (6-7/260)
James Polk (6-7/290)
Denton Simek (6-4/260)
DL Jaqwaylin Arps (6-3/230)
Kedrick Dial (6-5/215)
Jackson Richards (6-4/240)
LB Zac Winbush (6-2/200)
DB Desmond Martin (6-0/173)
Russell Polk (5-11/200)
Brandon Smith (6-1/175)


Delans, welcome to Texas Tech, and Git Your Guns Up!