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DTN Reader Power Poll // Big 12 South, Who Finishes Third?

If we take a look at the votes for the DTN Reader Power Poll first place in the Big 12 and second place, I'm thinking this vote for who finishes third in the Big 12 South is a mere formality. I'm still really torn about Oklahoma State, and the same questions I have about the Cowboys are the same questions lots of pundits had about the Texas Tech Red Raiders last year. Are they ready to take the next step? Can the defense step up and make some stops? How explosive is the OSU offense? The idea as to whether or not OSU is ready to be elite, much like was Texas Tech last year, seems to be the biggest question for me and it's the toughest hurdle to jump. The similarities between OSU this year and Texas Tech last year are a little strange in that OSU gets the Longhorns at home and the Sooners on the road, but the elephant in the room is the Cowboys' first game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

As stated above, I'm not completely sold on OSU, but I also think that the difference between 3rd, 4th and 5th in the Big 12 South will be of the slimmest of margins. I think that you can expect to see UT, OU, TT and OSU jockey for position for years to come, with the idea that UT and OU are still the favorites.

I'll readily admit that I'm a homer and I think the Red Raiders finish third, but it's not by much.