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Depth Charting // The Offensive Line

Offensive Line

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Chris Olson (70)
JR; 6-5/296
Brandon Carter
SR; 6-7/344
Shawn Byrnes (51)
SR; 6-4/307
Mickey Okafor (77)
RS SO; 6-7/319
Marlon Winn (67)
SR; 6-6/287
Terry McDaniel (68)
RS FR; 6-7/335
Lonnie Edwards (78)
RS SO; 6-5/290
Justin Keown (73)
JR; 6-4/302
Joe King (59)
RS FR; 6-6/319
LaAdrian Waddle (65)
FR; 6-6/350

I've only guessed on the two deep here because I'm not sure where some of the freshmen play, other than Joey Gray is going to be at left tackle. I think that if there are injuries or any issues, then you're going to see some players jump around a bit. The only player that I think bears mentioning is Deveric Gallington (66; SO; 6-4/350) who is also backing up at right guard at this time.

Left Tackle: The battle for the left tackle spot is a two man race. On one hand, you have the incredibly versatile and hard worker in Chris Olson and on the other hand you have the raw, but very large and talented Terry McDaniel. I've said my peace here, if it were me, I'd choose McDaniel, but even if he doesn't get the nod right here, he'll still get time. Not to mention, he's fairly young and he's already pushing older players. He'll force himself into the line. As far as Olson is concerned, if there's an injury, you're going to see Olson be the first player to take that spot, whether it be center, right tackle or left guard. If Olson's not careful, he's going to be an incredibly valuable player once he moves on to the NFL.

Left Guard: Carter should finish out his senior season much like Louis Vasquez did. I think Moore was smart to think about Carter at left tackle, but the truth of the matter is that he's just not quite fleet of foot to be in that much open space. He's a better mauler anyway. Lonnie Edwards looks to be the guy that will be able to anchor this spot for two years after Carter graduates and I'm very comfortable with that thought. Edwards was an immensely talented player coming out of high school and it's high time that he put that to use.

Center: Shawn Byrnes is earning what was taken away from him and I like that. I'm hoping like hell he has a chip on his shoulder all year long. It also seems as if Byrnes has put on some weight, so I'm hoping that he's just as agile as I remember him. After watching the spring game, I've come to appreciate Justin Keown as a more than capable center. When Byrnes does move on next year, I feel the same way about Keown that I do about Edwards in that after watching him play, I'm very comfortable with his skill set.

Right Guard: No one is talking about the fact that Okafor is a redshirt freshman and will be stepping into a starting role along the offensive line this year. I can honestly say that I didn't watch too much of Okafor during the spring game, but if I didn't notice anything blatant about his play, good or bad, he must be solid. Not to mention, Matt Moore has been incredibly good about picking the right players. I trust that Moore has done that here. Joe King was mentioned earlier last week as being a guy that Moore is grooming to be up and down the offensive line. If that's the case, then King is improving how valuable he is to the team each practice that he's able to help out at another position. This is really something that we're going to have to watch the longer Texas Tech has Moore in Lubbock, is that he may finally be getting to how he wants to run his line after three years. Versatile players who can play multiple positions if needed.

Right Tackle: This is the position that's received the second most press, not because the starter, Marlon Winn, has done anything negative, but apparently little known recruit LaAdrian Waddle has pushed himself to the second team. I think what this means is that if there's an injury, you'll see Olson at right tackle, but Moore likes what he sees in Waddle so much that he's grooming him to take over for Winn next year. That's impressive. And keep in mind that when we all complain about recruits who don't seem to be highly rated, sometimes the coaches know what they're doing. Moore keeps saying that Waddle, had he been in a major city, would have been recruited by every major school in the country. When the staff signs guys like James Polk and Coby Coleman, relative unknowns, I like to think that Texas Tech has had to mine talent in different places to be successful at what they do and Waddle may be a perfect example of that.