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Depth Charting // The Receivers


X-Split End H-Inside Receiver Y-Inside Receiver Z-Flanker
Edward Britton (27)
SR; 6-0/167
Tramain Swindall (11)
RS SO; 6-3/180
Detron Lewis (17)
JR; 6-0/205
Alexander Torres (86)
RS FR; 6-2/196
Eric Ward (18)
FR; 5-11/202
Cornelius Douglas (2)
RS FR; 5-9/193
Austin Zouzalik (6)
RS FR; 6-1/181
Jacoby Franks (8)
RS SO; (6-1/185)
Rashad Hawk (23)
RS SO; 6-4/186
Adam James (82)
RS SO; 6-3/216
Lyle Leong (19)
JR; 6-1/165

X-Split End: The incumbent, Edward Britton, seems to have this spot locked up, as well he should. Britton is the speed threat on the outside that this offense needs, perhaps now more than ever with a quarterback who can just chunk the ball. I believe that Eric Ward was at another receiver spot, but has moved to this the X position, and I think it suits him well. As much as we're all falling over ourselves with the commitments of Kadron Boone and Shawn Corker (and we should, these are talented players), Eric Ward was the 2009 version of these guys. It's easy to forget about guys like Ward, but Ward has the skill set to be a tremendous playmaker. I'm not real sure about the third spot here and I'm guessing that it's Rashad Hawk, although I could be wrong. I had really high hopes for Hawk coming out of high school, but he's had a problem putting on weight and getting into the rotation. I'm not sure that the X position is what suits his skill set, although the thought of a big tall receiver that has speed to burn is certainly intriguing, but the problem is that he hasn't forced himself on the field yet.

H-Inside Receiver: Recent reports may mean that this position is subject to change and the coaching staff is not a staff that will stick a player with a position and refuse to make a change. Tramain Swindall was one of the players that I thought would have a break-out 2009, but if he's not impressing thus far, then I think the staff will have no problem making a change. Swindall has a ton of talent, but you've got to perform. Cornelius Douglas is the definition of inside receiver. He's shifty, incredibly quick, and from what I can tell, he's going to fit the mold of previous Texas Tech inside receivers. Adam James is the wildcard in that he was in Leach's doghouse during the spring, but has played well thus far. As I mentioned with the backfield, I'm not sure if James is going to be utilized as the second tight end that much this year, but if Leach does go in that direction then James will get plenty of time.

Y-Inside Receiver: This is the position that appears to have an abundance of talent. Deton Lewis is going to make lots of plays this year, I don't think that's much of a question. The real question is if Austin Zouzalik is having such a great training camp, and from all accounts he is, then he may be the guy that replaces Swindall if his play thus far warrants a promotion. If Zouzalik gets the time, then he's going to play well. After that, I'm really not sure.  It could really be anyone at this point and it gets really messy if Zouzalik takes Swindall's spot at the other inside receiver position.

Z-Flanker: The battle for Crabtree's old position seems to be something fierce. We've heard that Alexander Torres is the guy who is catching everything thrown his way. He was very solid in the spring game and it wouldn't at all surprise me to see Torres start week 1. The conundrum of Jacoby Franks and Lyle Leong will work itself out as these things tend to do. I'm not sure if either one of these players will switch positions, but Leong is too talented not to be on the field and Franks has too much potential. If there's a logjam here, then I could see Franks getting moved somewhere else in order to get him some playing time.