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Your Guys // 2009

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I thought this would be a good topic of discussion for a Friday.  I haven't had the time to compile my own list, but I like BON's Peter Bean's idea of My Guys for 2009.  Here's a brief description:

One of my favorite pieces to read prior to each MLB season is Joe Sheehan's "My Guys" column, penned before each year to highlight those players Joe is eyeballing for a breakout season, yet who aren't receiving big time hype. Translating that to Texas football, I'm looking for those guys (limit of five) who might surprise a lot of folks with how well they play this year -- those with the highest production-to-hype ratio. Malcolm Williams was one of My Guys last year, but doesn't qualify this year because the hype amongst fans has ratcheted way up.

So who are your five guys for 2009?  Who, in your opinion is going to surprise some opposing offenses and defenses?  I actually posted a similar 5 Things earlier this week, but my list was a little different. 

Nevertheless, who will be your breakout Red Raiders for 2009?