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Recruiting on the High Seas // WR Kadron Boone

So we had ridiculously awesome news just a few weeks ago when Shawn Corker committed to Texas Tech, but now we have seriously ridiculous good as Ocala, FL receiver Kadron Boone has committed to your Texas Tech Red Raiders.  Yes, we're all incredibly giddy, and as we mentioned the last time a receiver committed, don't think for a second that there truly is a Crabtree Factor. 

Giddiness after the jump.

The Measurables:



Kadron Boone
Position: WR
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 81 Grade
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 197 lbs
Forty: 4.50
High School: Trinity Catholic HS (Ocala, FL)

The Film:

We have a few options (can you hear me giggling like a school girl?)

SunshinePrep's Kadron Boone (via SunshinePreps)

And you may have to turn down the volume, but here's 10 wonderful minutes of all-Kadron, all the time, complete with explosions:



The Scouting Report:

Gifted.  Incredibly gifted.  When watching the film, he's a man amongst boys.  Tremendous speed, serious ability to get behind a defense, and pretty damned good hands for a high school player that you can only imagine will get better.  There's a ton of plays where Boone's QB just heaves the ball, and Boone just goes up to get it.  Here's the ESPN profile:

Boone is a very good football player, not just a wide receiver. He has adequate height, but a physically imposing build and he flat out makes plays. Is strong, physical and works to get open -- especially off the line. He has an excellent combination of size and athleticism. Plays quicker than you would think and has sneaky top-end speed. Looks to have played with a knee brace as a junior, which may have slightly hindered his movements, but this guy knows how to get open and he catches everything thrown his way. Displays outstanding hands and can consistently catch balls over his head. Shows outstanding sideline awareness to adjust to the ball and attack at its highest point. Shows strong hands to pluck in traffic and knows how to use his frame to shield defenders from the ball.

The Player Speaks:

Boone talked with RedRaiderSports' Aaron Dickens and RaiderPower's Mark Sparrow.  Make sure and click on through to both websites, but the gist of both websites is that Boone hasn't taken a visit to Lubbock, but, and this is a big one, he's still going to take visits to his other list of schools.  Again, we're talking about high school players making a pretty big decision.  Here's a bit from the RRS article:

Though Boone plans to take several official visits this fall, he does not believe that they will have any impact on his decision.

"I'm probably going to still take a visit to Georgia, Oklahoma and Miami," he explained. I'm going to see what they have to offer, but I still like Tech more.

"I don't want to take away anything from Tech. Those are schools I just wanted to get to and learn more about. I'm still 100-percent with Texas Tech all the way."

Grain of salt my friends.

The Crabtree Factor:

You can't help but think that Crabtree had an affect on both Boone and Corker.  Success breeds success, and with Leach, seemingly on board for the foreseeable future, there's got to be some sort of cause and effect.

The 2010 Class:

Position Commitment
QB Scotty Young (6-3/185)
RB Aaron Spikes (5-10/185)
Delans Griffin (5-10/180)
WR Shawn Corker (6-1/189)
Kadron Boone (6-1/197)
OL Beau Carpenter (6-7/260)
James Polk (6-7/290)
Denton Simek (6-4/260)
DL Jaqwaylin Arps (6-3/230)
Kedrick Dial (6-5/215)
Jackson Richards (6-4/240)
Coby Coleman (6-3/280)
LB Zac Winbush (6-2/200)
DB Desmond Martin (6-0/173)
Russell Polk (5-11/200)
Brandon Smith (6-1/175)

Kadron, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!!