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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.08.09

Odds and Ends

Mobile Commenting and Re-Tweeting

I posted a FanShot last night about how SB Nation is now allowing commenting through your mobile phones, which now means that those of you who do check, you'll be completely addicted.  I've told my wife that I don't want a fancy phone for this very reason.  I would probably never leave DTN and that's a problem.  For those of you who are mobile, I hope you realize that DTN does have a mobile site, as does every SB Nation blog,  And yes, you can comment from that mobile website. 

For those of you who tweet, please note the addition of the re-tweet button at the bottom of every post. 

If you ever have a technical problem, SB Nation has real people that answer email and technical questions and do not hesitate to send a email to  They're great people.

Also, I'm trying something a little different this morning (I must admit this does make my life easier).  If you don't notice, great, if you do notice, then leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Texas Tech Football

Texas Tech Links

Cody Enterprise: News about Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone Country
The Captain returns home to Cody, Wyoming (hat-tip Tim Griffin) and it's an interesting read.  I really wish Leach would have worn a cowboy hat, although I know he's worn one before:

"This weekend has worked out great, and we’ve had a great time," Leach said. "It’s been six or seven years since I’ve been back, and I miss Cody.

"We’ve taken the kids to the beach and ocean many times, but this is different," he added. "They’ve enjoyed the mountains and fishing, so this is something different I’m glad we’ve had a chance to do." - Lincoln, Nebraska - Football
Curt McKeever previews the Red Raiders for the Journal Star:

Those who wonder how Tech can produce record-setting quarterbacks year after year are often left deducing that it must be Leach’s system. Certainly, that helps. But so does this: In Leach’s nine years with the Red Raiders, no quarterback has missed a start because of injury.

Potts, ranked by and as the No. 13 pro-style QB when he came out of Abilene, Texas, in 2005, should benefit from the fact that the Red Raiders have seven games at home (including Oklahoma) and another one (Baylor) on a neutral field.

The Red Raiders warranted a No. 20 ranking by In that same listing, however, Tech was behind fellow Big 12 South members Texas (No. 2), Oklahoma (No. 4) and Oklahoma State (No. 10).

#8: Texas Tech Red Raiders at University of Texas Longhorns. The Most Anticipated Games of 2009 - Protect R Turf
ibleedscarlet thinks that this year's Texas Tech vs. Texas game is the #8 most anticipated game of 2009.

Former Cy Creek/Tech QB reflects on career > Cypress Sun > Sports > Houston Community Newspapers Online - News Around Town
Very interesting look at former Red Raider signal caller, B.J. Symons, who is officially done with football and ready to begin his non-football career.  Symons sounds like a guy who is proud of what he's accomplished, and I think I can speak for the entire DTN contingency, we think you're awesome:

"I was OK with what I’d accomplished in football," Symons said. "I set marks that nobody had done before in college football. Things didn’t go how I wanted professionally, but I’m not negative about that. The chips just didn’t fall my way."

Over/Under: More than 1,532 rushing yards - College Football -'s Joe Yeager delves into whether or not the Red Raiders will be over/under on three statistical categories, including team rushing, three receivers with 70+ catches, and scoring defense.

Scouting the Enemy and Other Stuff

The numbers say UT could win the BCS title and OU won't - Big 12 - ESPN
ESPN's Tim Griffin looks at recent national championships and which teams meet those qualifications, namely Texas and Oklahoma.  Pretty interesting set of statistics. 

Oklahoma State: Beyond the Box Score Preseason Offensive Preview - Rock M Nation
The Boy takes a look at the Beyond the Boxscore offensive numbers for Oklahoma State.  This is required reading for anyone that loves numbers.

Smart Football: The NFL Offense: What is it? Why does every team use it? And how does it differ from college?
I'm pretty sure that everyone has a man-crush on Chris' Smart Football, but this is a wonderful look at NFL offenses and the difference between collegiate offenses.  Required reading this morning.

A Recap of the Senate BCS Hearing - Team Speed Kills
Year2 does a tremendous job of recapping the Senate BCS Hearing, which is normally something that makes me want to take a nap, although the recap is a very interesting read, for those of you who care about this sort of thing.