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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.07.09

Odds and Ends

Quick Question

Whenever I create stories where the rest of the content appears after the jump, like yesterday's Rice Preview, how many actually click on through?  One of the reasons I try and do this is for faster load times on DTN in general and truthfully, when I add video to a link, I should probably put that after a jump as well, again to help the load time of the main page.  The other theory is that folks don't take the time to click on through to the post, although I understand that whether or not a person jumps to the content depends on whether or not the content is actually worthy.

Join me after the jump . . . at least for this morning for all of your Texas Tech news, notes and links.

Texas Tech Football

All-Big 12?'s Joe Yeager (hat-tip txt3ch6uy) believes that at least six Red Raiders will be named to the Big 12's first or second teams, making cases for RB Baron Batch, LG Brandon Carter, RT Marlon Winn, WR Detron Lewis, DT Colby Whitlock and LB Brian Duncan.  That's a pretty salty group and of the players who could, this is it.  I haven't had the time to do this, but perhaps we could take a look at their competition, which would preclude them from being named (i.e. Taylor Potts has no chance because of Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford).  Perhaps this is a good FanPost idea or some additional homework for me this weekend.

Texas Tech to Determine Big 12 North

The good guys over at Big Red Network, in particular Steve Hanway (hat-tip jdeeTTU), thinks that the Red Raiders could determine the winner of the Big 12 North as the Big 12 North champion has never lost to Texas Tech.  An interesting read.

Speaking of Nebraska

Big 12 Sports' Wendell Barnhouse ranked Texas Tech's overtime victory over Nebraska as one of the best of 2008.  Go relive an in credible victory.

Mythical Big 12 vs. SEC Challenge

ESPN's Tim Griffin is running through a mythical Big 12 vs. SEC matchup and Texas Tech faces Arkansas and Texas Tech gets the mythical win breaking the series tie and putting the Big 12 ahead:

Both teams are looking for new quarterbacks, but Texas Tech's Taylor Potts has more experience in his offense than Ryan Mallett or Tyler Wilson at Arkansas.

Although Mike Leach's team had all kinds of trouble against Mississippi in the Cotton Bowl, Arkansas' defense is nowhere near the level of those Rebels.

It would be tough for Texas Tech's defense to contain bruising tailback Michael Smith. But I would expect the Red Raiders to be able to cook up enough of a pass rush to make things iffy for the Razorbacks, particularly considering they ranked 118th nationally in sacks allowed last season.

And even without Michael Crabtree, Graham Harrell and Shannon Woods from last season, the Red Raiders would be able to score consistently against an Arkansas team that ranked last in the SEC in total defense and scoring defense last season.

Even with nine Arkansas defensive starters back from last season, Tech's offensive arsenal would be difficult to contain. And that would be enough for the Red Raiders to outscore the Razorbacks in this battle of old Southwest Conference rivals.

Throwback Game

Lots of teams are doing it and now Ryan Hyatt of the Williams and Hyatt Show thinks Texas Tech should think about a throwback game.  I'm all for a throwback game, but I wanted to add this photo of those 1938 uniforms (photoshopped by some awesome person) that I will post if given the slightest reason.


Myles Wade's Trek to Lubbock

This isn't so much of a physical move, but rather Prep Profiles' Dirk Knudsen writes about incoming DT Myles Wade journey to Lubbock.  Again, if you haven't read Wade's story, then you're missing out on a guy that you're going to want to cheer for next year. 

Signing day came in February and Wade decided to become a Red Raider siging his letter on intent.  He felt he had found a home in Texas.  now he just had to finish the degree under a mountain of classes and tests and coursework.

So it was with great joy and celebration that Myles Wade walked the podium at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum and received his AA from Portland Community College.  He has done what no one but a few though he could do.  He will get another chance and play on a bigger stage than the U of O where he originally was meant to play.  The Ducks did not believe in him and it looks like things worked out for the best for Wade.

Also, I think Knudsen is Wade's personal trainer in Oregon which is why this piece is more personal (which I like) and there's no doubt that you'll see some bias from me when it comes to Wade as I think he's going to play a part immediately.