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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.30.09

Odds and Ends

  There's no way in hell that I'm going to get to all of them, but at the very least, I'm going to try to get to as many links and stories as possible.  I think I have close to 50 links total saved, we'll see if I can get to them all.

  And enjoy BOTC's Panjandrum as he gives his reasons why he should not be given a press pass.

Texas Tech Football

  I'm not sure where to begin, but I am a little ticked that there are no quotes from DT Colby Whitlock that I could find.  I may have missed something, but I couldn't find that he's even mentioned anywhere.  You can find quotes from CB Jamar Wall, but no Whitlock.  Yeah, I'm disappointed that there's nothing about him because I think Leach brought him for a reason. 

LAJ's Don Williams had a number of quick updates yesterday morning on his blog Raider Rants, including thoughts on the early UT game, a look back at last season's end, Leach in favor of a permanent title game, OL Brandon Carter with a new tattoo, Leach not missing McKinner Dixon, and Leach not worried about replacing Crabtree and Harrell.

At Texas Tech's official site, there's a photo gallery, that you should check out and the official Big 12 site as Mike Leach's quotes from yesterday (pdf).

LAJ's Williams writes that Texas Tech looks to sustain the momentum from 2008.

ESPN's Tim Griffin writes that Leach was the father of the bride this summer and wonders if he and TAMU head coach Mike Sherman have made up.

Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton on Leach's crazy 64 team playoff and is concerned with practical things like fans buying tickets from week to week.

The Broadcast Booth's Brian Jensen has his thoughts from yesterday.

Yahoo! Sports Jason King has fun with Mike Leach at the Big 12 Media Days.

  Rebuilding:  FWST's Dwain Price writes that rebuilding is not in Texas Tech's plan . . . DMN's Kate Hairopoulos on Leach downplaying a transition . . .

  Brandon Carter: ESPN's Tim Griffin on Carter's new tattoo . . . DMN's Kate Hairopoulos on Carter . . . 

  Video:  The DMN has a Texas Tech recap as well as a recap of yesterday's events . . . And YouTube goodness . . .

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach talks about technology (via LJWorldLawrence)


Classic Mike Leach (via TheDailyCamera)


Scouting the Enemy

  Kansas St.:  DMN's Mike Heika writes that the return of Bill Snyder is big for the Big 12 and that Snyder hopes to do a better job of balancing his workload . . . DT's Dave Matter with video of Kansas St. QB Carson Coffman . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin on JUCO QB Daniel Thomas should be ready to go this fall (he could get some burn with the Wildcats this year as Snyder may prefer a running QB) . . .

  Texas:  DMN's Kate Hairopoulos writes that QB Colt McCoy is ready to go . . . DMN's Mike Heika with the Mack Brown who says expectations are good . . . CT's Dave Matter with video of Colt McCoy . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin on Sergio Kindle making a surprise appearance . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin on Snyder being Blackberry savvy . . . DMN's Kate Hairopoulos writes that Kindle has earned back his credibility from his teammates . . .

  Notebooks and Roundups:  The FWST's Dwain Price, Jimmy Burch and Mike Jones preview the four teams yesterday, Texas Tech, Texas, Colorado and Kansas State . . . BON's Dime Coverage with her daily roundup from the Big 12 media days . . . LAJ's Don Williams with a notebook from yesterday's events . . . Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton sizes up the Big 12 North, tale of the tape style . . .