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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.29.09

Odds and Ends

  There's a ton of links this morning, but if you take the time to click on one link, click on this link from SB Nation and Illinois blog, Hail to the Orange, who attended the Big Ten media days and had this very cool story of coach Joe Paterno.  It's worth your time.  I promise.

  Barking Carnival's TaylorTRoom with some fantastic thoughts on Big 12 defenses in 2008.

  ESPN's Tim Griffin with a breakdown of the Big 12 universities in total athletics revenue during the 2007-2008 season.  If there was ever a case of the have's and have not's, this is it.  And just to pique your interest, Texas Tech finished second to last in the Big 12, ahead of Iowa St., #58 overall.  For those who don't think that Texas Tech is constantly fighting an uphill battle when it comes to production on the field, court or any other playing surface, then maybe this is what puts you over the top.

Texas Tech Football

  It's Texas Tech's turn at the Big 12 Media Days and you can watch the whole thing on the official Big 12 website or on ESPN News.  The Red Raiders are scheduled for a 9:45 a.m. start, but it appears that the Big 12 is doing an excellent job of getting the video posted relatively quickly.  As some of you may know, I'm in the DFW area and the Captain Mike Leach was on 103.3 ESPN and 1310 The Ticket almost right in a row.  I was out in our garden (yes, I have a garden) and laughing out loud as he talked about his Michael J. Fox haircut and his comparison of Taylor Potts to Kenny Stabler (not the drinking part) and Bart Starr.  My wife thought I was/am crazy and after explaining it to her, she still thought I'm way too obsessed.

Hat-tip to redraidersax for the FanShot of this video of ESPN's Mark Schlabach, who thinks that QB Taylor Potts will be one of the break-out stars for 2009 and could lead the nation in passing with the Air Raid offense. . . the Ferrari of college football:



Every time that Chris Brown of Smart Football writes about the David and Goliath Strategies, I feel like he's talking to Texas Tech.  This is worth your time this morning, for sure.

Scouting the Enemy

  Baylor:  ESPN's Tim Griffin writes that WR David Gettis needs to have a breakout season . . . The Boy of Rock M Nation has the Beyond the Box Score offensive preview . . . SAEN's Mike Finger talks with LB Joe Pawelek . . . LAJ's Don Williams writes that Baylor's hopes are on the shoulders of QB Robert Griffin, III . . .

  Oklahoma:  SAEN's Brent Zwerneman notes that OU's biggest question is it's offensive line . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin also notes that the OU offensive line will be scrutinized this season . . . DMN's Mike Heika who talked with head coach Bob Stoops on why players should stick around for all four years of college as there's a huge difference between first round and second round money . . .

  Kansas:  DMN's Mike Heika with head coach Mark Mangino who says that Kansas is on its way . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin notes that Mangino believes that WR Dezmon Briscoe will be ready when the Jayhawks start practice, despite being on thin ice for grades all spring and summer . . .

  Nebraska:  Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton asks when will we know if Nebraska is back . . . Corn Nation's corn blight on the loss of offensive lineman Jaivorio Burkes . . . CT's Dave Matter on the return of the Cornhusker's running game . . .

  Roundups and Notebooks:  EDBS with 12 questions not asked at the Big 12 Media Days . . .   LAJ's Don Williams rounds up yesterday's events . . .'s Dennis Dodd has five things he believes about the Big 12 . . . Barking Carnival's Scipio Tex and BON's Dime Coverage with their usual awesome recaps . . . FWST's Dwain Price and Mike Jones with a notebook and previews of Baylor, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma . . .  ESPN's Tim Griffin on how Big 12 Commissioner Don Beebe believes that the television issue is his top concern . . .