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SB Nation 2009 All Big 12 Preseason Team

You guys aren't going to be too happy.

The Big 12 blogs of SB Nation got together to vote on the All Big 12 2009 Preseason Team and as you might guess, the team was dominated by two other schools in the Big 12 South.  I'll give you a few seconds to take a guess.  In any event, we were asked to only nominating players that we thought had a realistic shot of being named to the all conference team and my nominees were as follows:

RB Baron Batch
QB Taylor Potts
OL Brandon Carter
OL Marlon Winn
WR Detron Lewis
WR Edward Britton

DT Colby Whitlock
LB Brian Duncan
LB Marlon Williams
DB Jamar Wall

You can imagine that I knew that Potts really didn't have a chance to make the team, but I still felt that he's going to have all-conference-like numbers by the time it's all said and done.  The rest of them I felt was fairly solid picks and could conceivably be on an all-conference team at the end of the season.

When we were asked to vote, we could not vote for the team that we cover, thus I could not vote for any Red Raiders.

Now, without further delay . . .

The SB Nation 2009 All Big 12 Preseason Team

CB Dominique Franks, OU OL Russell Okung, OSU K Alex Henery, Nebraska
CB Perrish Cox, OSU OL Adam Ulatoski, Texas KR Dez Bryant, OSU
DE Sergio Kindle, Texas OL Chris Hall, Texas P Derek Epperson, Baylor
DE Auston English, OU OL Trent Williams, OU
DL Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska OL Kurtis Gregory, Missouri
DL Gerald McCoy, OU QB Sam Bradford, OU
LB Joe Pawelek, Baylor RB Kendall Hunter, OSU
LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri RB DeMarco Murray, OU
LB Travis Lewis, OU TE Jermaine Gresham, OU
S Darrell Stuckey, Kansas WR Dez Bryant, OSU
S Jordan Lake, Baylor WR Jordan Shipley, Texas
WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas
FB Matt Clapp, OU


Obviously, there's a pretty heavy lean towards the Big 12 South, and I was conscious of the fact that I seemed to be voting for quite a few South players and tried to be diligent in reviewing players that it wasn't due to a possible South bias.  In any event, where did my fellow SB Nation writers get it wrong, and get it right? I thought Brandon Carter deserved a first team nod and corn blight of Corn Nation did a good job of breaking down offensive lines.  Also, you might be able to project Detron Lewis as a first team receiver, but right now his numbers aren't up to par with Bryant, Shipley and Briscoe.  

Comments and criticisms encouraged.