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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.02.09

Odds and Ends

It's Pretty Quiet

I somewhat promised to the the motion offense primer on basketball done this week and I'm not sure this is going to happen, unless it happens tonight.  I'm actually trying to spend more time away from DTN during the offseason in the hopes to curry the favor of my wife through the fall.

Texas Tech Football

Git Your Guns Up Desmond!

I'll try to have a full write-up either tomorrow or next week, but Leach, McNeill & Co. received their 10th commitment (and actually the 7th defensive commitment of this early class) in safety, Desmond Martin (Stony Point HS, Round Rock, TX).  You can get your fix by taking a look at the ESPN, Rivals and Scout profiles.  The Rivals and Scout profiles are behind a pay-wall, but the ESPN information is free and had this to say about Martin's abilities (and has free video):

Martin is a very solid defensive back and has the skills to be a strong safety at the next level. He has good size and is impressive by his aggressive play. Very physical safety when coming up on run support; has tremendous closing speed as he reads the play. Can react and change his closing angle on the ball carrier while on the move in order to keep leverage on the football. Especially good at attacking the perimeter versus the run, flare and screen pass. Very instinctive with real football savvy and a nose for the football. Takes great pursuit angles to the football when the ball breaks on the opposite side of the field; uses the sideline as an extra tackler.

Ummm, how about all of the times that he's hitting the receiver just as the ball is hitting the receiver.  That's some tremendous timing.  Martin probably isn't as fast as some of the players ranked ahead of him, but there's a lot to be said for timing and from the limited video, he looks like he has a pretty good understanding of where to place himself playing against the receiver.

And although his film looks great (who's doesn't?), I think this may be the best part about Martin, he's been named to Randy Rogers' (recruiting expert) Preseason All-Academic first team for Texas Football Magazine, which means that Martin carries a GPA of 3.00 or above and an SAT or ACT score of over 1,000 or 21.  Here's he list and also note that OL commit Beau Carpenter made the second team offense list.  I absolutely love that.

Toby Cecil to be Sideline Reporter for Texas Tech Radio Broadcast

Congrats for former Red Raider Toby Cecil, who will become the sideline reporter for the Texas Tech radio broadcast this year, taking over for Sonny Cumbie who is set to become a graduate assistant for the coaching staff.  For those of you who don't remember, Brian Jensen gives you an update on Cecil's life after football, and here's his bio from his years at Texas Tech.

Reliving the Kansas Game's Joe Yeager takes us back to the Kansas game (I was very nervous going into this game, on the road against Jayhawks) and I think we're going to need more of the following this year:

BIGGEST PLAY: Harrell hit Edward Britton with a perfect strike down the middle of the field, and the El Paso speedster took it to the house for a 55-yard touchdown to give Tech a 7-0 lead early on. It would be a harbinger of things to come as Red Raider receivers ran free all day long and an unhurried Harrell connected with them at will.

Here's Drew with Fox34 taking us back:

Brian Duncan #13

Again, thanks to Fox34's Drew for continuing the countdown for most important player on the Red Raider roster as LB Brian Duncan checks in at #13: