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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.14.09

Odds and Ends

Printed Media Guides, a Thing of the Past

News was posted on the official Texas Tech website that the era of printed media guides was now a thing of the past, but will still provide the content of the media guides online.  I can't help that this is a really good decision and the fact that the information will still be provided in a PDF format is perfect.  I never understood how someone could thumb through a media guide to look for information and thought that a searchable PDF was much easier to manage if you wanted to find information quickly.  Not to mention, you could have every teams PDF media guide on a thumbdrive that you could carry in your pocket rather than lug 50 pounds of media guides across the country.  Here's AD Gerald Myers:

"We are making cuts across the board and this is one of many that will allow us to meet our cost-containment goals," Texas Tech Director of Athletics Gerald Myers said. "I want to ensure the media that it will have every tool necessary to cover Texas Tech Athletics."

The Broadcast Booth's Brian Jensen agrees, and lists the top 10 reasons he won't miss the printed media guide.

Texas Tech Football

Why Texas Tech Moved the Texas Game

I usually consider myself to be pretty good at the internets, but discussion broke out yesterday regarding why Texas Tech moved the Texas game to the third game of the season.  The way I remember this is that by moving up this game, the Red Raiders would be assured of having the Houston Cougars game to be broadcast on ESPN2.  In week three, this is by far the most important game as it's the only conference game and the other competition for the best game, which is debatable is Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech and Kansas State vs. UCLA. 

This third week, I believe, was an open week before moving the Texas game and I think Texas had to move the Central Florida game. 

Meanwhile, in week 4, the list of teams on the Big 12 slate is relatively unimpressive, other than the Texas Tech vs. Houston; Colorado vs. West Virginia and Missouri vs. Nevada games:  Baylor vs. NW State; ISU vs. Army; Kansas vs. So. Miss; K-State vs. Tenn. Tech; Nebraska vs. La. Laff.; OSU vs. Grambling; TAMU vs. UAB; and UT vs. UTEP. 

This story in the LAJ doesn't necessarily verify my recollection, but it's a start.

Scouting the Enemy

Barking Carnival's Sailor Ripley notes that the Texas defensive line is getting thinner by the minute.

Big Red Network's Darren Carlson asks if teams should be afraid of Baylor, or if we're still talkin' bout Baylor?  The team that only one 4 games last year.

CFN previews the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Corn Nation's Husker Mike with a good take on the BCS mess.

Bucky's 5th Quarter's Adam Hoge (a Wisconsin Badger blog) on the 2009 television broadcast teams.

Texas Tech Baseball

Bettis and Team USA

Since we last checked in with Team USA, they had not lost a game and all was going great.  Now they've lost two games, and play three games in three days in Japan, starting today.  Bettis is still pitching lights-out, with 6 appearances and three saves (I have no idea how many opportunities).