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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.10.09

Odds and Ends

I Have a Confession

The other day I was asked by my local TAMU booster club to donate some of my time (I'm an attorney in my non-blogging life) to help their yearly auction.  I figure it's best to be up front with you guys and let you know that I agreed to do this, in part because I think it's good mojo to help high school kids be able to get a college degree, and I'm all for education no matter where it is.  Yes, at first I felt guilty, but the truth of the matter is that being a former high school teacher, I've got a soft spot for trying to help kids attend college, whether it's at Texas Tech or not.  I'm just hoping you guys don't look at me differently.

Texas Tech Football

Dixon Declares for NFL Supplemental Draft

I posted a FanShot last night as ProFootballWeekly broke that DE McKinner Dixon has declared himself for the NFL Supplemental Draft, which is to be held on July 16, 2009.  From what limited knowledge I have about the NFL Supplemental Draft, if a team picks a player in round X, then that team will forfeit that pick in next spring's 2010 NFL Draft.  This same article also expects Dixon to go undrafted. 

It's really unfortunate how this entire situation has unraveled, but the truth of the matter is that going to college is good for some people and not good for others.  It's apparent that Dixon was not too interested in school and the last straw was Dixon's arrest back home in Nacogdoches.  Obviously, an arrest for failure to have insurance isn't a big deal, but the big deal was the fact that Leach has always had problems in dealing with Dixon's excuses, which seem to stem from being back home in Nacogdoches.  For those of you who don't remember, here's Captain Mike Leach on Dixon:

"He's one of those guys who we jump-start him and it lasts a week, and it's all the same excuses,'' Leach said. "The broken car is his favorite one.

"He's always able to get to Lufkin, but then his car somehow magically always breaks once he's in Lufkin.''


Dixon, however, is not taking care of his school responsibilities and Leach is fed up with it and he's not taking it any more

"I think he plays a dumb card and I think people buy into it to a point,'' Leach said. "People fall for it, and then he does that every place.''

Leach said if his other players can follow the rules, then so can Dixon.

This is probably the last we hear of Dixon for quite a while.

Big 12's #2 Moment

ESPN's Tim Griffin ranks Michael Crabtree's last seconds catch against Texas in 2008 as the Big 12's #2 moment:

It was one of the wildest plays in Big 12 history, the kind of play that still resonates after thousands have watched on You Tube.

Michael Crabtree's game-winning 28-yard catch from Graham Harrell did more than merely wrap up the biggest victory in Texas Tech history. It was also a national coming-out party for the Tech program,  pushing them to the highest ranking in school history.

Scouting the Enemy

Ohio St. blog Eleven Warriors writes what I've always thought about the tired-head argument, Conference A is better than Conference B . . . who cares.

Kansas blog Rock Chalk Talk looks analyzes their left tackle situation.

OU blog Tilting at Windmills previews the Big 12 North.

Kansas blog Oread Boom Kings looks at the strength and weaknesses of the Sooners.

Texas Tech Basketball

Powell Playing with Orlando Summer League Team

Former Red Raider Kasib Powell is playing for the Orlando Magic's summer league team and would encourage you to follow SB Nation blog Third Quarter Collapse to follow Powell's summer.  In fact yesterday, Powell scored 13 points, pulled down 10 boards, had 5 assists and ZERO  turnovers (pdf).  We're cheering for you.

Texas Tech Baseball

Bettis Earns 2nd Save

I'm a little late to the party, but Texas Tech pitcher Chad Bettis earned his second save for the US National team in a 5-2 win (boxscore) over the Holyoke Blue Sox earlier this week.