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DTN's Community Projections // Tramain Swindall

DTN's Community Projections:

Tramain Swindall

#11 / Wide Receiver / Texas Tech Red Raiders




The Facts:

As a redshirt freshman Swindall had 46 catches for 561 yards and 2 touchdowns, in somewhat limited action. Swindall redshirted all of 2007 and proved to be a fairly consistent option for the Red Raiders almost immediately. Swindall started his collegiate career grabbing 5 passes against Eastern Washington, while his best game was reserved for TAMU where he caught 7 passes for 101 yards.

What I Think:

Swindall was a huge surprise for me personally and I really never saw 2008 on the horizon for Swindall before the season started. In fact, Swindall had more receptions that Edward Britton, and he showed up for every game. Swindall only had one game where he caught 1 pass, against Nebraska, otherwise he was involved, and that's significant. I mentioned the other day that I'm personally cheering for Swindall, not sure why, and I've got a feeling that he could really burst onto the scene this year.