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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 07.01.09

Odds and Ends

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So yesterday I mentioned (begged?) that I would love, love, love some photos of the Red Raider Style Show that's scheduled to take place August 5th as part of Texas Tech's Women's Football Clinic.  Well a good DTN reader, a female, emailed me last night and said that she would be attending and taking lots of photos. Now all we need to do is pray that our dear Captain Leach is somehow involved in the fashion portion of the show.  I know, I'm gettin my hopes up, but it's the offseason.

Let's just say I'm giddy either way.

Texas Tech Football

Prediction for Big 12 Media Days

I mentioned it earlier last week, but the Big 12 media days have been announced, and I immediately thought that Captain Leach would bring who he wanted, not who the media wanted.'s Joe Yeager opines that it will be RB Baron Batch, LG Brandon Carter, QB Taylor Potts, DT Colby Whitlock and LB Brian Duncan.  That seems like a pretty good group of guys and wouldn't have too much to add to that, although I think that CB Jamar Wall, DE Rajon Henley and RT Marlon Winn should get some consideration as well.  Leach likes bringing underdogs who are also seniors to this event.

Leave any of your guesses in the comments.

Preseason Ranking

The Jacksonville Sun/Gatorsports blog's Arnold Feliciano has Texas Tech ranked #20 in their preseason poll.  I don't know how accurate their synopsis is, but it's interesting that a paper/blog in SEC country thinks this highly of your Red Raiders:

Strength: Coach Mike Leach, who appears set to lead an overhaul now that his contract is settled. Leach has become a yearly candidate for a big-time job.

Weakness: Offense. Texas Tech loses the bulk of its offensive line, a star quarterback (Graham Harrell) and a superstar receiver (Michael Crabtree).

Gamer Stuff

I'm not a gamer, in fact I don't play any video games, but I thought you guys might enjoy this interview from the Chicago Sun-Times Kevin Allen of EA Sports Ben Haumiller and the progression of NCAA Football 10.