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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 06.29.09

Odds and Ends

Getting Stuff Done

I was able to write a bunch yesterday, so there shouldn't be a long break between content.  I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a look at the 2009 opponents and that will be posted later this morning (I think a 10:00 a.m. posting time, so check back).

I also wanted to mention some of DTN's rules/guidelines about posting things from other websites.  There was a question of whether you could link to a pay-site's article.  I have no problem with anyone linking to any article (they don't typicallly link to me, but that's alright, I don't think they can officially link to anyone other than in their network), but you cannot copy and paste any sort of pay-material.  Lots of other websites will write something like:  "Texas Tech nabs 100th recruit ($)."  That's fine and doesn't give away any information that's in the pay-material.  You should not copy and paste material from the pay-site as I'm sure it's a violation of your agreement with said pay-site.  I'm also a big fan of linking back to where you find information and blockquoting copied text.  Follow those guidelines and you'll be fine.  If there's ever a FanPost that needs serious work, then I'll try to clean it up a bit, but I try not to do that.

Texas Tech Football

We Love Lists

CT's Dave Matter ranks the top linemen of the Big 12, both offensive and defensive, and LG Brandon Carter checks in at #7:

7. Brandon Carter, offensive guard/tackle, Texas Tech: Known for his WWE-style face paint on game day, this 350-pound mauler moved from guard to tackle after the season. But after Carter went down with a spring knee injury, redshirt freshman Terry McDaniel blossomed at left tackle, giving Mike Leach the option to move Carter back to guard.

DT Colby Whitlock gets an honorable mention.

Texas Tech Basketball

Brad Reese Adjusts to Life in Lubbock

Nice article by the Walton Sun's Randy Dickerson on JUCO transfer Brad Reese, who is already in Lubbock adjusting to life in Texas.  Reese sounds like he's ready for the challenge of being a leader on this team:

"We (JUCO transfers) are brought in to turn the program right away," he said. "There is pressure for me and couple of the other guys to help this program back on track."

Reese plans to get the most out of each new experience at Texas Tech.

"I'm starting to like living in Texas and meeting new people out here and Bobby Knight," he said. "Bobby Knight is a great coach and he knows a lot of people that can help me.

"The football games here are great too. I attended one on my visit. I think they are going to be pretty good again this year."

Does anyone else find it odd that he's calling Bobby Knight a great head coach?  If there was ever any question if Bob Knight is still close to this program, they should be answered.

Interview with Pat Knight's Aaron Dickens has an interview with Texas Tech head coach Pat Knight.  Go read the whole thing, but there's two parts that are the most important to me, the first being Pat Knight acknowledging that he's trying to recruit a different type of player:

Pat Knight: It's a lot better than it was last summer. From a coaches' standpoint, [we] saw some things that worked and some things that have to change. We've got recruits coming in that are mine. I thought the kids did a good job over the year competing, playing hard and we got used to one another. But now, they know what to expect, I know what I need to have to be successful going into this season. It's a lot different than it was last summer where we kind of know what to expect now, what we need to work on and what we can kind of throw out and what we need to bring in new.

And Pat Knight's continued crusade to focus on the defense this summer:

PK: First of all, our defense. That was my fault. I put such a focus on the offense. I was worried because my name is associated with the motion offense. I'd wake up at night having dreams where we scored 35 points and I did not want to be the guy that screwed up the motion offense. What happened was I screwed up our man-to-man defense. Our offense was fine, we could score with anybody. That wasn't a problem. We've got to start from scratch, we've done that, started with our spring workouts. We've got to get a defensive mindset. Then, from a talent standpoint, a lot of the new guys that I brought in have got to play a lot of minutes. And the guys that might have played a lot of minutes last year hopefully will be coming off of the bench. That just means that we're deeper than we have been in the past. I really think that the key to this level, in one of these top conferences, you've got to be eight to nine people deep and we just haven't been that in the last couple of years.

I like the fact that PK is continuing to focus on the need to improve the defense this year.  I think that's great news moving forward.  PK also mentions the "motion offense" and I'm trying to finish up a primer on the motion offense that I'm trying to get done later this week.

Texas Tech Baseball

Bettis Pitching for Team USA

Just trying to keep track of sophomore pitcher Chad Bettis and his exploits with Team USA.  Bettis is slated to be Team USA's closer and thus far, Bettis had made two appearances, 2.0 innings, striking out three, giving up one hit, and no runs.  Team USA is 4-0.

Texas Tech Track

Roberts Ready to Run at IAAF World Championships

A huge congratulations and Guns Up! to 400m sophomore Gil Roberts, who came in second in this past weekends US Outdoor championship.  Per LAJ's Don Williams, Roberts will be headed to Berlin to participate in the IAAF World Championships:

"I felt real strong," he said shortly after the race from Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. "I lost, but I believe I still ran a great race. I just need to work on my technique at the end of the race so that I don’t break down (in form). Hopefully, I can stand up and stay tall at the end of my race from now on."

And Roberts sounds like he ran like he had nothing to lose:

"I definitely think I was more excited than anything," he said. "Running in a situation like that is more fun for me than pressure. In a situation like that, I mean, I’m in against world champions. I’m expected to lose. I just wanted to perform to the best of my ability, so that’s what I did, and I ended up making the team."

Congrats again to Roberts, this is a huge honor.