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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 06.26.09

Odds and Ends

Its' Friday

I can't tell you how happy I am that it's Friday.  I'm also happy that the Mavs did not draft yet another big slow white guy.  I sorta freaked out a bit when it looked like they were going to take Mullens, who may be a fine player, but does not appear to be overly athletic.  The NBA is such a weird bird to me, especially when you consider there are a ton of college and overseas players, a bunch of which play at a relatively high level, but can only find a handful of players in a draft or rather the entire second round is a gamble.  It would seem logical that there are plenty of players who could contribute in the 2nd round and I know that it has something to do with the limited number of roster spots, but saying that a draft only has 20 quality prospects out a couple hundred of prospects seems like a really low success rate.

And yes, I promise to work on some new content this weekend.

Texas Tech Football

The Elf Is a Roughrider

Again, thanks for the Broadcast Booth's Brian Jensen for following this story as WR Eric Morris officially made the Saskatechwan Roughriders and I found this bit from The Star Phoenix's Ian Hamilton regarding Morris making the team:

Among the players released were Brandon Childress and Casey McGahee, who were competing for the job as Saskatchewan's main return man.

Instead, the Roughriders will go with Eric Morris and Johnny Quinn.

"The thing that Morris and Quinn have shown is that they're going to catch the ball consistently," Miller said. "We had some great returns, particularly with Morris, so we're going to go with consistency there."

McGahee let a punt go right through his hands in Tuesday's 27-19 pre-season loss to Calgary. The fumble was returned for a game-clinching touchdown by Juwan Simpson.

Harrell Works Out With Harrell

DMN's Brandon George writes that Graham Harrell is working out with younger brother, Clark Harrell, at Abilene Christian, and George confirms what I think Harrell is doing, which is waiting until training camps start with the hopes of catching on with an NFL team rather than try his luck in the CFL:

Sam Harrell said that Graham and Clark are working out with a strength and conditioning coach at ACU. Sam Harrell said that Graham is hopeful that the Cleveland Browns will sign him to a free agent contract and bring him into training camp with a shot to make the team. Harrell spent a few days with the Browns after he wasn't selected in the NFL Draft. As of now, however, Graham has yet to hear from the Browns about a possible training camp spot.

Big 12 Media Day Set

CT's Dave Matter has the Big 12 Media Day schedule, which means that you can pencil in July 29th as the day that Mike Leach is criticized for not bringing high profile players to the Big 12 media days.

Texas Tech Basketball

Red Raiders in the NBA Draft's Joe Yeager runs down the list of Texas Tech players picked in the NBA Draft, and there's a few guys that I've never even heard of (i.e., this is a good opportunity for a personal history lesson).  My biggest surprise was the fact that Cory Carr didn't make in the league despite having all of the athletic ability in the world.  Having the desire to make it in the NBA is what keeps you playing.

Texas Tech Baseball

Chad Bettis Talks About Team USA

DT's Alex Ybarra talks with sophomore pitcher Chad Bettis about making the USA National Team and they've named him to be the closer, although I'm sure the coach knows that Bettis could pitch in just about every situation:

"I got this big grin on my face like, 'Man, I really hope I make this team," he said. "There weren't really thoughts. I was just really hoping that I'd make it. It's pretty painful waiting, pretty painful."


"As of right now, I am the only closer," he said. "I think they're trying to make one other guy a set up guy or a closer, so I don't have to come in every game and pitch."

Texas Tech Track

Roberts Advances to Semi-Finals

Huge congrats to Gil Roberts (400 m) who has advanced to the semi-finals of the USA Outdoor Championships.  Send some good mojo Roberts' way today.