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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 06.18.09

Odds and Ends

I'm Officially on Vacation

After these morning notes, I'm officially on vacation.  I know, I shouldn't even be doing these notes . . . obviously I have a problem.  Like I said the other day, there's a number of scheduled posts that will be going up, I'll see you next week.

There are a couple of non-sports Texas Tech notes.  Russ Bookbinder, a former San Antonio Spurs executive, will be developing a national marketing plan for Texas Tech.  A couple of years ago, I thought that marketing was just a bunch of hooey, but within the last year or two, I've realized the importance of smart marketing and advertising.  I'm interested.  Additionally, it was mentioned in a comment, but KTXT-FM is apparently back on the air.  Not too much effort being put into it, but it's on the air.

Texas Tech Football

Link Dump

I was going to separate these out, but just won't have enough time.  Athlon Sports is previewing Big 12 quarterbacks from a fantasy perspective and Taylor Potts is . . . #2? 

2. Taylor Potts, Texas Tech (JR) — Bye Week — 10 — No. 5 overall QB This is one of the more interesting aspects of college fantasy football. Despite never starting a game, Potts is among the top five fantasy quarterbacks for 2009. One look at Mike Leach’s track record in Lubbock gives a pretty good idea of what to expect and why he should be one of the first passers off the board. Under Leach, the Red Raiders have averaged 4,960 passing yards per season and it would be a major surprise to see much of a change this year. Potts won’t have the luxury of throwing to Michael Crabtree, but there are plenty of weapons, led by Detron Lewis and the emerging Lyle Leong. Potts won’t quite post Graham Harrell numbers, but should be a first rounder in 120 leagues this season and taken among the first seven quarterbacks off the board.

If you say so.'s Olin Buchanan ranks the top 25 story lines from this past year and your Captain is part of two of them:

24. OUT IN THE COLD: Texas Tech coach Mike Leach often takes an unusual approach to dealing with different issues. He demonstrated that again in March when he forced wide receiver Edward Britton to study … at midfield of Jones Stadium in 30 degree weather with snow flurries. "Ed didn't like showing up and studying at places I felt like he needed to and like the academic people asked him to, so he can study out there on the 50-yard line," Leach said. Britton got the message and was back at practice a few days later.

11. VERBAL SPARRING: Texas Tech's Leach expressed dismay that his quarterback, Graham Harrell, who led the nation in passing, wasn't selected in the NFL draft but Texas A&M's Stephen McGee was. "I'm happy for Stephen McGee," Leach was quoted as saying. "The Dallas Cowboys like him more than his coaches at A&M did." McGee was injured much of last season and lost his starting job to Jerrod Johnson. Leach's quote led to an exchange through the media with Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman, who voiced his displeasure with Leach's comments. The Aggies hope to make Leach pay for his words on Oct. 24, when they play the Red Raiders in Lubbock. Well, maybe not. A&M hasn't won in Lubbock since 1993.

Smart Football has been on a roll lately, but make sure and check out the stuff on the shallow cross and the most famous "smash" of all

Sporting News' Matt Hayes ranks the Big 12 non-conference schedules and your Red Raiders check in at #9.

Good stuff from's Casey Pearce on Louis Vasquez as people questioned whether or not he could adapt to a pro-style offense (sound familiar?):

"That was the number-one issue that I heard at the Combine and all the stuff before the draft," Vasquez said.  "Can he run block?  Can he come out of a three-point stance?  Football is football at the end of the day.  Obviously somebody thought enough of my talents to give me a chance.  All you’ve got to do is learn it and I’m working really hard and feel like I’m picking things up."

The transition has required several adjustments.  In college, he was often split as much as three feet away from the center, whereas the Chargers’ guards generally line up much tighter.  The wide splits regularly left Texas Tech’s offensive linemen in one-on-one situations, whereas NFL running games utilize a heavy dose of combination blocks. 

When the pass-heavy Red Raiders did run the ball behind Vasquez and company, they mostly utilized draws and sweeps, while the pro systems are more downhill.  And Vasquez played primarily in a two-point stance in college as opposed to the three-point position he’ll set up in with the Chargers.   
"Pass protection is a little different as well because we don’t get as much depth here," Vasquez said. "They run a lot of ‘power’ here.  The first day was a bit of a transition for me because of the splits.  I’m used to being out on an island. After that first day, I got comfortable and starting rolling.  I’m having fun with it."

Go read the whole thing.  Good stuff.

Want to get excited about incoming DT Myles Wade?  Read this piece from Oregon Preps' Dirk Knudsen:

The winter of 2008 was a bitter one for the Wade family. Myles effectively was let go by the Ducks from the standpoint that communication stopped and by all accounts they were not going to put much stock in the fact he was going to make it. By November Myles was officially de-commited from Oregon and without a school. Lori's condition got worse and before Christmas came she was gone. Just when things looked like they could not get any worse a coach threw him a lifeline. Mike Leach heard about Wade and looked up some Video on him online. He was on the first plane out to Portland. The Red Raiders offered him and in so many ways believed in him. Having someone believe in you is sometimes all you need. That offer drove other offers but Myles and his family will never forget that emotional moment in January where he embraced his new coaches and said "I am coming to Lubbock,".

And the accompanying impressive video:


Myles Wade 6/09 Workout Video Leaving for (via CoachDirk)