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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 06.12.09

Odds and Ends

That's Cute . . .

Nothing spectacular here, but I did enjoy the David Letterman segment where Steve Nash was Letterman's NBA Finals correspondent.  I laughed/chuckled out-loud a couple of times and I thought you might enjoy it.


Texas Tech Football

2005 Cotton Bowl Champs

A bit delayed, but I guess a win is a win.  As I'm sure you've heard, Alabama has had to vacate a number of wins due to a textbook scandal and the good news for Texas Tech fans is that now, the Red Raiders are your 2005 Cotton Bowl champions.  Ehhhh.  A win is a win, but this doesn't make anyone feel any better, right?  It's a loss for both teams, everyone wins.

Bennie Wylie on Tech Talk

Bennie Wylie was on the 2nd hour of Tech Talk with Drew Dougherty (sp?), who as you know is the strength and conditioning coach for Texas Tech.  Wylie talked that the defensive freshmen have been very impressive, but didn't name any names.  I know that Wylie works his guys incredibly hard, but this morning I read this excellent story from the Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter on the dangers of sickle cell.  If Texas Tech hasn't considered doing this, I think this sounds like a helluva idea.

Mike Leach is Different, Earth Continues to Spin's Mike Whitson talked with Mike Leach during a coaching clinic in San Angelo and as we all should, Leach doesn't worry about the "system" or gimmick references to his offense:

“I don’t worry about it very much,” Leach said. “I think they need to ask themselves why they aren’t moving the ball as effectively and maybe they ought to address their own problems and worry about their deficiencies instead of criticizing our success.

“The point is to move the ball, the point is to score and get first downs and if we figure out a better way to do it then we are going to try and do it that way.”

Recruiting News I'm Too Lazy to Research

Apparently, Leach, McNeill & Co. have handed out offers to two Florida players, S/LB Mark Joyce and C Trey Pettis.  Who's got time to find out a little bit more about these guys?  Also, there seems to be some effort to get into Florida, which seems a bit strange, although the connection with Shawn Corker and his high school coach, Matt DuBuc, a former Red Raider, makes much more sense.

Fantasy Non-Conference Matchups

ESPN's Tim Griffin and Ivan Maisel both posted some fantasy matchups and I think I like Maisel's better:

No two coaches live further apart on the offensive spectrum than the Red Raiders' Mike Leach and the Yellow Jackets' Paul Johnson. Leach lives to throw. Johnson remains unconvinced that the forward pass is legal. Would either defense have any idea what to do with the other offense?

That would be a pretty fun game, especially with the way the Texas Tech defense tends to struggle against the run.

Track Results and Success on the Field

ESPN's Bruce Feldman has an interesting take in that some college recruiters have taken a very close look at track results (particularly offensive and defensive linemen and the shot-put and discus) and that those athletes that excel, tend to excel on the football field as well.  And wouldn't you know it, 2009 commit OL LaAdrian Waddle finished second in state last weekend in the discus.  This might be one of those guys that flew under the recruiting radar, but could turn out to be a true player for your Red Raiders.

Texas Tech Baseball

Two More Commits Selected in MLB Draft

DT's Jon Arnold writes that Bobby Doran, who apparently just signed with Texas Tech, and Stephen Hagen were chose in the final day of the MLB Draft.  Cross your fingers that Hagen still comes to Texas Tech as he's going to be an excellent offensive force for your Red Raiders as he batted .315/.715/.424 last year with 29 HR and 89 RBI for E. Oklahoma .  Doran was 10-3 last year for Seward County C.C. with a 2.58 ERA

Cross your fingers.