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DTN's Community Projections // Rajon Henley

DTN's Community Projections

Rajon Henley

#91 / Defensive Tackle / Texas Tech Red Raiders




The Facts:

Rajon Henley had a rough year last year. An injury led to Henley only playing 10 games and 10 tackles for the year. Of those 10 tackles, Henley had 1.5 sacks. In 2007, Henley finished with 45 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for a loss, all at the defensive tackle position.

What I Think:

Henley will be counted on to be a huge part of the defensive end rotation and the speculation is that his move from DT to DE will be permanent. If Brandon Sesay and McKinner Dixon don't make it back, then Henley is going to be vital to Texas Tech's success on defense.