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DTN's Best of Lubbock // Poll for Best Hamburger, Take Two

DTN's Best of Lubbock: I have no idea how well this is going to go over, but the point of all of this is to get it straight from you guys as to the Best of Lubbock. This will serve as a guide to Big 12 fans who visit Lubbock. We'll have one each week, with the first part of the week being reader submissions and at the end of the week, I'll compile the most talked about suggestions and make a poll.

DTN Poll: Best Hamburger, Take Two

Because Spanky's appears to be the clear #1, I thought it would be best to take the top 8 after over 200 votes so that we could have a clear top 5 places to get a hamburger. Consider this your runoff for the weekend. Who has the SECOND best hamburger in Lubbock (in no particular order): Pete's Drive-In; Bonus Burger; Buns Over Texas; Jumbo Joe's; Christakis Burgers; Samsburger; Cooper Drive-In; Caprock Cafe.