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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 05.06.09

Texas Tech Football

Dallas Cowboys Roof Collapse

CBS Sportsline's Greg Doyle adds a little more information on heroic acts of DE/LB Brandon Williams during the Dallas Cowboys roof collapse on Saturday afternoon:

Rookie linebacker Brandon Williams and cornerback DeAngelo Smith pushed Eatman and Ellis out of the way and lifted the doorframe just enough for Archer to wriggle free.

And then Williams and Smith went back into the chaos. That's what most, if not all, of the Cowboys did after realizing the enormity of the situation. They didn't look out for No. 1. They could have stayed outside the fallen facility, leaving the rescue effort to the professionals on the way. They could have cited a fear of death, or at the very least a fear of injuring themselves -- and jeopardizing their NFL future -- and used that logic to stay as far from the carnage as possible. But they did not. They went back into the chaos, many of them still wearing their helmets, and looked for people to help.

SAEN's Tom Osborne takes a look at the various practice facilities, air-supported vs. metal-frame, and there's a mention of Texas Tech's air-supported indoor facility, which has never (knock on wood) suffered any damage:

Texas Tech's indoor facility, built by ASATI in 1985, has never suffered any damage, Red Raiders spokesman Chris Cook said.

Cook said the facility is monitored by a computer system. Should air pressure decrease, officials are alerted immediately.

Big 12 Meetings, to Discuss Tiebreaker

Sometime today, the Big 12 coaches will discuss the tiebreaker policy, while UT's Mack Brown (i.e. someone on his behalf) will submit a proposed change similar to the SEC tiebreaker rules, there are others who feel that a change isn't necessary. Personally, this is one of those things for me . . . "it is what it is" . . . and I'm not real passionate about it one way or another.

Neglected Audio, Video and Photos

KAMC has two reports on Texas Tech free agent news, including this most recent report on IR Eric Morris who worked out for the Chicago Bears might work out a deal to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and C Stephen Hamby who worked out for the Washington Redskins. This earlier report mentioned that S Daniel Charbonnet was also working out for the Bears.

Texas Tech Baseball

Red Raiders Set to Take on Patriots

Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
Dallas Baptist
Starting Pitcher
4/6/2009 6:30 p.m. TBA TBA -


LAJ's George Watson previews today's game against the Dallas Baptist Patriots (in Dallas for those of you who can make it to the game). George reminds us that before this break for final exams, the Red Raiders were swept by Missouri and look to bounce back. Here is head coach Dan Spencer:

"What we’re trying to accomplish is getting better in all facets of the game," head coach Dan Spencer said. "The most glaring thing the last couple of weeks is we’ve got to throw more strikes, put up some zeros in the first inning, and we’ve got to do a better job in situational offense against good (pitchers). It’s a short period of time and we have a lot of work to do to get better and put ourselves in a position to make a move."

And pitcher Chad Bettis says that the team has to go out and compete:

"That was really rough, but we’ve got to come out and have short memories," said Bettis, whose 3.98 ERA still leads the team. "We’ve got to come out and play hard and make sure we give the team the ability to win. We’ve got to throw strikes and compete."