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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 05.27.09

Odds and Ends

Texas Tech's Leisure Pool and I'm Jealous

I'm going to be happy for you guys (and gals) still in school, but I'll also be jealous, as the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center Leisure Pool will be open for business on Friday. The DT link also has a slideshow and the only question I have is why are 4 guys sitting around in the hot-tub together?

I found this note, Sheryl Swoopes had some items in a storage building sold due to her failure to pay rent.

The DT also has some strange articles this morning. I always get a little worried when someone other than Mike Graham or Alex Ybarra write about sports for the DT, but DT's Landry Locker writes that the matchup with the Aggies is the most important game of the 2009 football year as Locker is already accepting losses to UT, OU and OSU. I haven't set my bar the same place that Locker has set his. Also, if you missed the part where Texas Tech sold their media rights to Learfield Sports, DT's Chris Martin has a nice overview of that deal.

Texas Tech Football

NFL'ers in the News's Rob Phillips (hat-tip Blogging the Boys) looks at Brandon Williams and Victor Butler and their new roles as outside linebackers for the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows thinks that the San Francisco 49ers are working to make sure that Michael Crabtree can be on the field at either position.

Leach to Speak for Wolfpack

You're probably thinking that this isn't exactly news, a person, visiting Nevada, but keep in mind, it's the slow news cycle, but thought it was worth mentioning. The Captain will be the feature speaker at the 40th annual Governor’s Dinner, which helps out Nevada Wolfpack athletics, Friday, July 17, 2009. Tickets are only a mere $300.00 per person and you should keep in mind that this could turn into a pretty incredible vacation. You'd have the mountains of Nevada by day and the casinos by night, not to mention the Captain roaming around.

Neglected Audio, Video and Photos

Fox34 has a couple of items of note, including the Tuesday Review of SMU as well as the continuation of the Texas Tech Top 25, with DTN favorite, Terry McDaniel at #23.

Texas Tech Baseball

Spencer Optimistic

KAMC talks with head coach Dan Spencer about next year. I'm going to try and write about the baseball team over the weekend and figure out who is eligible for the draft and who isn't. Who returns and maybe project a little bit.