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Double-T Nation Basketball Review // Center


Robert Lewandowski; 6-10/240; Sophomore

Positives: There's a ton of good things to say about Lewandowski, considering he played a fairly major role on this team as a true freshman. The stat sheet is going to show a guy that only averaged 6.6 points a game and 3.7 boards, but the truth of the matter is that early in the season Lewandowski saw very little time, but as Big 12 action started, so did Lewandowski, averaging 2 points a game in December, but averaging 7 points a game in March. The key here is that Lewandowski actually looks like a player. He's got nice moves in and around the basket, including back to the basket moves. I thought Lew did a better than decent job of rebounding for the time spent on the floor and I'm truly excited about how he progresses next year.

Negatives: It's tough for me to pull too many negatives for Lewandowski, although I'll say that I think being a fairly athletic 6-10 center, he should be a better rebounder than 3.7 a game. I'm looking for Lewandowski to average close to 7 boards a game next year and despite playing good low post defense, I think with time he's going to have fewer silly fouls and hopefully be a more effective defender. I'd also like for Lewandowski to extend his range a bit, perhaps free throw line, just to have that in his arsenal and make opposing bigs come out and guard him.

Darko Cohadarevic; 6-9/242; Senior

Positives: I'm going to try and stay as positive as I possibly can, however, Cohadarevic struggled mightily coming from junior college. I was expecting a relatively polished post player with a European game, i.e. good passer, good outside shooter, and a little defense, but that's not what we got. I know this is the positive portion of the review, so I'll say this . . . I think Cohadarevic has quite a bit of pride and I think he knows that he's got to improve significantly over the summer. My biggest hope is that he's working on his game every day, because he now knows what to expect. I recall reading that Cohadarevic has a little bit of a chippy side to him, which would have played out well if he were good for more than a few minutes a game, but if he wants to back up his attitude on the court, he's got to improve his play.

Negatives: Absolutely nothing like I expected. I've mentioned a number of things in the preceeding paragraph, but Cohadarevic needs to improve his defense significantly. Darko tends to foul too much. Improve outside shooting, passing, and simply his overall game. I'm trying really hard not to be overly critical of Cohadarevic, but the truth be told, I think he saw time last year because of the injury to Trevor Cook. Had Cook been healthy, I think you actually see very little of Darko. I have no doubt that Cohadarevic knows he has to get better and I'm sure that Pat Knight knows this too.