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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 05.02.09

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Texas Tech Football

Harrell in Browns' Minicamp

I found a couple of articles on QB Graham Harrell's day at Cleveland Browns minicamp. Up first is The Morning Journal's Jeff Schudel and head coach Eric Mangini had this to say about the QB battle:

"Graham's done a really nice job," Coach Eric Mangini said Friday after the second practice of the rookie camp. "He picked up the information easily. He did a nice job, not just with his throws but with the huddle mechanics — absorbing the information and being able to run the offense.

"This is challenging for a quarterback because every person is brand new. All the terminology is unique to all those people. The quarterback is in charge of making sure it's right."

The Plain Dealer's Bill Livingston opines that Harrell absolutely deserves the chance the Browns are giving him.

Also, make sure and check out Cleveland Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature.

McBath is Alright

Gainsville Daily Register's Darin Allred talks with some of the folks who know Darcel McBath and how he gives back to Gainsville:

"I am extremely excited for him," Cordell said of McBath. "I basically got to watch him grow up when I was in Gainesville. He is a good kid with a great work ethic. We knew back then he had a lot of talent."

Make sure and check out Denver Broncos blog, Mile High Report.

Rex Richards, Ultimate Fighter

LAJ's Don Williams sits down with former Red Raider Rex Richards as he tries to gain a foothold in Ultimate Fighting:

"I’ve always liked physical contact and a hundred percent competition," Richards said before Friday’s weigh-in. "Now you can make a pretty good living fighting. I feel like that’s where I should be. We’ve come a long way in a short period of time. Being an athlete has helped that out, but also being humble and learning the techniques is important."