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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 05.14.09

Odds and Ends

Basketball Review, Small Forwards

I've got the small forward review (and after thinking about it, it's really more of a preview, but it's too late to change now) scheduled for a noon posting.

Texas Tech Football

Sit Down With Alexander Torres

ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin sits down with walk-on receiver Alexander Torres. Torres is the Air Force Academy transfer, who broke his hand in basic training at the Academy, and ended up transferring to Texas Tech. Torres sounds happy to be at Texas Tech:

"There's a huge difference in the programs," Torres said. "It's a receiver's dream to play at this school. I'm very excited and happy how it all turned out. I couldn't feel more fortunate."

Captain Mike Leach likes Torres' work ethic:

"He has superior intelligence and work ethic and he probably catches the fade route as well as anybody we have," Leach said. "And the thing about him is that his development has come the old-fashioned way with a lot of hard work. He may not be the best at making a superior play, but he never passes anything up when he's out there. He just works very hard."

And the Captain likes that if you come to Texas Tech and work hard (throw in some talent as well), you can and will play for the Red Raiders:

"We make dreams come true around here if somebody is willing to work hard to make it happen," Leach said. "We were blessed when Torres came to our team and he's made the most of his opportunity as it's happened."

Joel Filani Signs with Tampa Bay

Former Red Raider Joel Filani has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Congrats and I hope it works out for Filani.

Texas Tech Baseball

Previewing the Cowboys

LAJ's George Watson takes a good look at the Oklahoma State Cowboys who come to Lubbock for a weekend series, and is in danger of missing the conference tournament for the first time since 1977. OSU head coach Frank Anderson says it was a combination of things:

"It’s been kind of a unique deal," sixth-year Cowboys head coach Frank Anderson said. "Too many new people at times. Probably the newness of it in handling situations. I think part of it is the fact we lost five all-conference guys from last year and that hurt us. That’s a huge turnover in guys who had been around for awhile."

Duke von Schamann Update

Yesterday, Duke von Schamann led Edmond Santa Fe to victory as he pitched 4 scoreless innings and gave up 2 unearned runs in the 5th AND a pair of two-run doubles that scored all four of his team's runs.