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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Baseball Notes - Good Mentors Edition

The Red Raiders face the Sooners this weekend and LAJ's George Watson previews Oklahoma's baseball team, who are 25-7 overall and 6-3 in conference play. Lots of good info here, make sure and check it out.

DT's Mike Graham writes that the freshman on this team are no longer freshman because they've played so much thus far this season. Here's head coach Dan Spencer and Graham on the freshmen's maturation:

Offensively, freshmen designated hitter Scott LeJeune and infielder Justin Berry are in the top five for best batting averages on the team and both are above the .300 mark.

"The (freshmen hitters have grown up)," Tech coach Dan Spencer said. "A big part of that is veteran guys like (seniors Chris) Richburg, (Taylor) Ashby and Joey (Kenworthy) giving them a good model. They've been good students and the older guys have been good mentors."

Tech also has a bullpen dependent on freshmen in Head (1-2), Brandon Foster and Ben Flora.

Head and Foster already have started games on the mound for the Red Raiders. Freshmen Berry, Garrett Totten, Nick Hanslik, Mason Macnoll, Kengray Fleming and junior transfer Michael Reed have all seen significant playing time. Berry and Reed have started in all of Tech's 35 games so far.