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Sitting Down With: Russell McDaniel

Terry McDaniel.
Looks just like his old man.

I've mentioned before that Terry McDaniel's dad, Russell McDaniel, was my freshman high school history teacher and a couple of weeks ago he emailed me to check in and thanking me for keeping him up to date on the Red Raiders (as an aside, this is my only Texas Tech connection).

In any event, I asked if Russell would answer a few questions about Terry, just to get a gauge as to how Terry's doing this spring and during his redshirt year last year, especially considering how Russell was able to watch Terry grow up as a football player. Russell is a football coach and AD and knows football, a former lineman himself who played college football, he understands the game.

Much thanks to Russell for taking the time to answer some questions and I can't wait to catch up with him during the spring game.

  1. When did Terry start getting interest from schools and in particular, Texas Tech?
    He started in the spring of his 10th grade year. Schools were coming by to take a look at him. He attends camps that summer and the next summer as well. Tech made him an offer in the spring of his Jr. year.
  2. What was it about Texas Tech that made him commit to the Red Raiders?
    We have always kept up with Tech football since I was raised in Lubbock. After he went to camp in June of his Jr. summer he made his mind up that he would like to attend Tech. Then main thing that stands out more with him is the way he was treated by Coach Leach and Coach Moore. Coach Leach made him offer before Coach Moore was hired. Coach Leach sent Coach Simmons to visit with Terry in May to let him know that even though Coach Moore is coming on staff that he still has a place at Tech. That was a great move by Coach Leach to confirm with Terry that he is needed at Tech. When is made is visit in January he felt that he was part of the family, of Tech players. Other schools kept telling him that it is a business and that Terry should make a business decision. Coach Leach and his staff do a great job to make it a family.
  3. Being a former football player and current head football coach, coming out of high school what did you think was Terry's best qualities as an offensive lineman and what did he need to work on?
    His best qualities are his quickness and feet work for a young player his size. He needs to work on staying lower and be more aggressive at this level.
  4. Offensive line coach Matt Moore has talked about how Terry's changed during his redshirt year, what do you see to be the biggest change for Terry, both physically and mentally?
    His body and body mass. Bennie does such a great job with the players in the weight room. He had growing up mentally, in high school he was the one, the big man on campus. He has learned that he is not the one and that is a new role for him. He has high goals for him self and for the team this season.
  5. Did you get a chance to meet Coach Leach and if so, what was that like and did he impress you with any card tricks?
    The night that Terry made his commitment official Coach Leach was arriving back to Lubbock from vacation. His plane did not land until 10:30PM and we meet with him and his wife at the football complex that night. He arrived just after 11:00PM and had a great visit and some card tricks. We left the office well after midnight. I was so impressed with him and his wife to make the time to come and visit with us that night.