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Double-T Nation Basketball Review // Point Guard

Point Guard

John Roberson; 5-11/165; Junior

Positives: Roberson can be a terrific scorer and there are times during games where he seems to dominate, is able to get off his shot against most defenders, and can really control a game. The fact that he averaged almost 14 points a game as a true sophomore on a team that lacked other scorers is pretty remarkable, and most teams aren't asking their sophomore point guard to virtually lead them in scoring.

Negatives: Roberson's problem this year was the inability to be consistent as a passer and as a point guard. I think Pat Knight and the fanbase would love to see Roberson become the point guard that is able to calm his team down when there's Perhaps the most frustrating part of his game is when things would go bad for a period of time, having a calming point guard to settle the team is invaluable. I don't blame Roberson entirely, but he's got to be the coach on the floor and he's got to do a better job of leading. No silly passes, reduce the turnovers and let his game just happen.

Just for grins and giggles, I thought I'd include an interesting look at Roberson's impact from last year to this year.

Aaron-Mike Davis; 6-3/190; Incoming Freshmen

Positives: Davis is the wildcard and honestly, despite the not overly impressive offer list (at least according to Rivals:  Navy, San Diego, Texas State, SFA, etc.), I think he can play and I think he's going to have to play relatively quickly. Davis led Wheatley HS to a 32-5 record, led his team in scoring by a mile and was more than likely saw the opposing team's best defender. For the year, Davis averaged 23.6 points, shot over 55% from the field, 3.4 boards, 2.86 steals and 1.08 assist for every turnover. There's a reason why Pat Knight wanted this guy. Wheatley was a running team and I think the Wheatley coach is an institution at Wheatley at the very least, I'm guessing that Davis has a pretty good understanding of how to run without being sloppy. Davis did not lead his team in assists, but he was second. Davis is also one of the things that Roberson is not, or has not yet mastered, which is the ability to get to the basket with some frequency and score. Whether it's Roberson's height or just inability to create his own shot at the collegiate level, I don't think that Davis has this problem. Davis' ESPN profile states that he's definitely a shooting guard, however, I just don't see that happening, especially with the complete lack of depth behind Roberson.

Negatives: As concerned as I am about Roberson's ability to handle the ball, I'm even more conserned about handing over the reins to a combo-guard who didn't display the ability to get a ton of assists in high school. Again, this is a scary proposition, but I think this is what Pat Knight wanted when he signed Davis, despite his short-comings. I think he's got plenty of guys who can shoot coming in, it's getting into the paint, driving and dishing is what needs to happen and I hope like hell that Davis can do that.