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Red-Black Spring Game Roundup // Red Offense

Red Offense


I'll be honest, I thought that Taylor Potts looked pretty good. I know that there's some hesitation on his ability to quickly read the defense, but I think we may be a tad bit spoiled by the fact that the guy who was here the past 3 years read defenses faster than anyone before him. With that being said, Potts finished the day by only missing on 7 passes (20-27) for 211 yards, good for about 7.8 yards per attempt. Not bad for a sping game. Again, the most worrisome issue is the 3 sacks, but those were touch-sacks that probably wouldn't have been called in a game situation. The arm strength is noticable and my biggest hope is that Potts takes advantage of his arm strength by pushing the ball downfield a bit more. Harrell's biggest strength was his accuracy and I'd love to see Potts not be safe all of the time. There's a reason he's been blessed with a great arm, use it. I was also pleasantly surprised by Stefan Loucks. I was expecting something awful from him, but that's not what I saw. Granted, I don't think he's going to light the world on fire, but he's servicable. In fact, I'd say that Loucks was a bit off at first, but found his rhythm later and looked pretty good doing it. Loucks did throw into double-coverage near his own goal line (i.e. the Cody Davis interception for a touchdown) and those types of decisions will push you further back on the depth chart.

Running Back

It's the Harrison Jeffers Show! Actually, Jeffers looked okay, but as I was talking with kayakyakr, it seemed as if the defense was ready for him and that's not going to happen during the season next year. You did get to see Jeffers' ability to turn the corner and I think I praised him enough in the review of the White Offense. I will add that I think Jeffers is very competent receiving the ball out of the backfield. Not worried about that part of his game in the least. Aaron Crawford was injured and did not see any action, but I'm not counting him out of the mix by any means.


Redshirt freshman receiver Austin Zouzalik received a gold star from me on Saturday. I have no doubt that he's going to work his way onto the field next year. And for those opponents that think Zouzalik is yet another slow white guy that plays receiver for Texas Tech, feel free. For those of you who were at the spring game, you know that Zouzalik almost ran down Cody Davis from the opposite side of the field during that interception return. Make no mistake, Zouzalik may be one of the fastest players on the team. Ed Britton appeared to be in mid-season form. Made some nice plays, but if I remember correctly, he did drop a catchable pass. If he'll just work on concentration Britton could be an All-Big 12 player. Alex Torres appears to be a very mature receiver and if he picks up at Crabtree's old position, you're giving up playmaking ability, but you have a very reliable player. Think Joel Filani -- size and reliable. I still like Adam James and Tramain Swindall are both solid inside receiver options and right now, Swindall is the starter with James working in behind him. Cornelius Douglas is the most intriguing player simply because he's short, but think I remember him dropping a or a couple of passes. He's intriguing because he did take a couple of direct snaps and looked pretty good doing so. With that being said, if Zouzalik can do the same thing, I like him as a Wildcat option a little better, if for no other reason than he can see over the defense a little better if he had to pass, although I get the feeling that Douglas is a better playmaker.

Offensive Line

The rest of the Big 12 isn't going to find out about Terry McDaniel until sometime next year, but I thought he was a star. I was expecting him to be a bit slow to react and having a difficult time at left tackle, but I didn't see that at all. In fact, I saw a guy who was plenty athletic and quick enough to handle left tackle for the next 3 or 4 years. Yeah, he was that good. I think if McDaniel continues to progress this summer, I have no doubt that he starts and there's going to be a lot of people talking about McDaniel's play in the very near future. I also could not have been more impressed with Marlon Winn. If there was ever a guy that could flip to left tackle without issue, it's Winn, but I like keeping the consistency of Winn at right tackle, especially with the emergence McDaniel. Lonnie Edwards seems to be the backup at every position and he'd played well at left guard during the spring game, as did Mickey Okafor and Shawn Byrnes. I didn't notice much pressure up the middle so I'm pretty pleased with these guys and I think that you saw 4 out of 5 starters at offensive line for the Red Offense. One other note, I saw Omar Castillo after the scrimmage and that guy is a physical specimen. Big, strong, and looks to be a player. I have no idea if the staff knows what to do with him, but he's the kind of guy that I could see moving to defense if this experiment at tight end doesn't work out.