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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe // 04.26.09

Texas Tech Football

Michael Crabtree Picked #10 by San Francisco

Congrats to Michael Crabtree who was the 10th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft going to the San Francisco 49ers. There's a ton of stories and information on Crabtree so I'm just going to point you to Niners Nation who I think is pretty excited to have Crabtree at #10 and has all of the news that I would normally put together done for you. I will point you to the official San Francisco website for coverage on the pick.

Darcel McBath Picked #48 by Denver

The same congratulations to Darcel McBath who seemingly jumped up quite a bit in the draft to the second round and the Denver Broncos. I'd point you to the Mile High Report, SB Nation's Broncos affiliate. Here's the official Denver Broncos website.

NFL Draft Notes

LAJ's Don Williams has a good overview of Crabtree and McBath's day, where Williams was able to talk with David Wells, Crabtree's cousin and mentor. There were some pretty honest opinions about the draft from Wells, including this bit about the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns rumors:

"Cleveland called and apologized because some rumor got out about Mike being a diva," Wells said. "You’ve been there (in Lubbock) with Michael. Michael’s one of the hardest-working athletes there is. Because Michael is not (outgoing) to a lot of people, people tend to take him the wrong way.

"The Heyward-Bey deal, that’s Al Davis," Wells added. "He probably would have drafted you if you were eligible. Look at Heyward-Bay’s numbers compared to Michael’s numbers and compared to Jeremy Maclin’s numbers. It doesn’t make sense to me."

DMN's Chuck Carlton looks at the Dallas trio that was drafted in the top 10, including Georgia's Matt Stafford, Baylor's Jason Smith and Crabtree.

The Quad Blog (the NY Times college blog) takes a look at the effect of what losing Crabtree means to Texas Tech, although for those of you who keep up with DTN, none of this is new information.

Texas Tech Baseball

Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
4/24/2009 6:30 p.m. Brian Cloud (2-3, 5.97) Kyle Gibson (6-3, 3.00) 7-18
4/25/2009 2:00 p.m. AJ Ramos (4-3, 4.53) TBA 5-9
4/26/2009 1:00 p.m. Nate Karns (3-4, 5.40) Nick Tepesch (3-4, 6.92) -
LF - Michael Reed (Jr.); CF - Taylor Ashby (Jr.); RF - Garrett Totten (Fr.)
3RD - Justin Berry (Fr.); SS - Joey Kenworthy (Jr.); 2ND - Willie Rueda (Sr.); 1ST - Chris Richburg (Sr.)
C - Jeremy Mayo (Fr.)
DH - Scott LeJeune (Fr.)

*Click on the score for boxscore. Texas Tech series preview (pdf).

Red Raiders Lose Game 2 to Tigers

Uggh. Starter AJ Ramos had one bad inning and it was too much to overcome the Missouri Tigers (recap). Ramos (6.0 IP; 9 H; 8 ER; 3 BB; 8 SO) had that bad second inning and it was pretty bad:

Missouri 2nd - Folgia homered to center field, RBI (1-1). Coleman singled to left field (1-0). Mach, K. singled to right center (1-0); Coleman advanced to third. Gray walked (3-0); Mach, K. advanced to second. Ampleman walked, RBI (3-2); Gray advanced to second; Mach, K. advanced to third; Coleman scored. Liberto singled, RBI (2-1); Ampleman advanced to second; Gray advanced to third; Mach, K. scored. Holt hit by pitch, RBI (1-2); Liberto advanced to second; Ampleman advanced to third; Gray scored. Lollis grounded into double play 1b to c to 1b (0-2); Holt advanced to second; Liberto advanced to third; Ampleman out on the play. Senne singled to left field, 2 RBI (1-0); Holt scored; Liberto scored. Folgia flied out to lf (1-1). 6 runs, 5 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

The offense did manage 8 hits and the bottom of the order was pretty good as LF Michael Reed (2-4; 2 RBI) and C Jeremy Mayo (2-4; 3 RBI) and provided all of the offense.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Chad Bettis get today's start. At 9-11, the Red Raiders are still sitting at 8th and a win today would help immensely. Almost every team in front of the Red Raiders, sans Kansas who is a series behind the Red Raiders, already has 10 wins. It would be nice to be a part of that group.