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Red-Black Spring Game Roundup // White Offense

White Offense


All in all, I thought Steven Sheffield looked okay and despite the fact that he's wearing gloves bothers me to no end, I thought he was marginally effective. For the day, Sheffield did a good job of hitting most of his throws, although he didn't test his arm deep and the fact that he only averaged 5.5 yards per attempt is indicative of that lack of a deep threat. Seth Doege (5-11; 50 YDS) had the worst day of the quarterbacks, but he's got to just shake this off. Perhaps it was a little bit of nerves, but never quite looked like he was in rhythm. The three sacks and throwing the ball short way too often was indicative that perhaps he was trying too hard. Although, to give Doege credit, it seems as if that the few times that Doege got the ball, the defensive backs did one of the better jobs in the afternoon in covering up every receiver and only leaving open the running back as the last option, which never amounted to much yardage. The thing about Doege is that he just looks like a quarterback. He passes the "eye test" with me and despite his less than stellar day, I think he's going to be fine. Garrett Riley looked adequate, but he's skinny and a bit short, although I really don't have room to talk. Everyone's taller than me.

Running Backs

Baron Batch is still, at least to me, head and shoulders above any of his competition. I know the competition is pretty good, but being good in college football is a process, I think that Batch is at the pinnacle of the process. The thing that really jumped out about Batch is that he runs north-south with tremendous aggression. That's what I want every running back from here on out to do -- run north-south with tremendous aggression. Harrison Jeffers is more than capable of turning the corner, perhaps like no other that's been through Lubbock, but to me, the difference between being a great running back and an average running back is that an average running back can only do one or the other. A great running back can do both exceptionally well. As far as statistics are concerned, nothing really ground-breaking, although I loved Batch's hit on some unsuspecting defensive back and his touchdown was all determination.


Perhaps the reason that Sheffield looked so good was the fact that Detron Lewis was on his team. Not a knock against Sheffield, but Lewis is a pretty special target, and once Sheffield figured out that throwing the ball to him meant yards-after-catch, then he started feeding him the ball. Cornelius Douglas showed a little something. He's one of those guys who is listed at 5'9", but he's at best, 5'8". He's a little guy, and despite the guy has got some moves, but as others have said, he needs to learn to hold onto the ball. Douglas was also the guy taking direct snaps a couple of times as the quarterback, and on one play he looked pretty good, but the second play . . . not so much. I hardly noticed much of anyone else, although there were a couple of plays that Adrian Reese seemed to look like a guy that should dominate, but he just hasn't put it together. I really would like to see Jacoby Franks be more active and getting more looks and he didn't see a ton of passes his way on Saturday.

Offensive Line

I wish I had written down who started at what position, but I'll give it a shot: LT - Brandon Carter; LG - Chris Olson; C - Blake Emert; RG - Deveric Gallington; RT - Joe King. It's already been talked about that Carter may move back to left guard and Olson or McDaniel will move into left tackle. I thought Carter did a good enough job, but it's not matching up with Texas Tech's defensive talent that I'm worried about. Carter may have only been a fraction of what he should be, but I'm still not sold that he has the foot quickness to play left tackle. Carter did flip back to left guard before the the game had Olson filled in nicely. Inside guys, Olson, Emert and Gallington, played well, especially since I really didn't notice any inside guys really whiffing on any blocks inside. They weren't perfect, but they were adequate. I'm also beginning to doubt whether Gallington started, and as I'm thinking about it, I think that Justin Keown may have started at right guard as well. Joe King is struggling to do much of anything right now and he's by far the weakest link on this line. Overall the offense did give up 5 sacks on the day, but we're talking about just Carter being the sole starting lineman in this group, although I like Olson and his potential to be a starter.

Ed. I was pretty tired when I finished writing this. Obviously, there were other players on the White offense that I haven't included, but these are the ones that I noticed while watching the game. Feel free to leave your own thoughts about the White offense and vote in the poll.