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Red-Black Spring Game Roundup: Random Thoughts

After having all day to think about this, what I've decided to do is take a look at all 4 units, which would include the White offense and defense and the Red offense and defense. That should last a good week or two and it should give us plenty of time to specifically discuss players rather than glossing over some.

Remember, this is the last bit of football that we get until sometime in August. We've got to savor it.

I thought I'd go over a few random thoughts about the game and about some of the sights and sounds.

I loved the idea of splitting the squads, for the simple fact that this may be the first time that I can remember where the entire team was a quality two-deep. I'm not saying that every second-team guy should start, but there's lots of talent and for Leach to essentially split the starters, have pretty good continuity on both sides of the ball and guys were able to compete. I really enjoyed watching different matchups.

I also thought that by splitting the teams that players were forced to adjust to one another. Potts may have gotten very comfortable with the starters, but giving him half of the normal starting offense made everyone work a bit harder, picking it up for your teammate.

Because of the split-squad, I thought the defense had a slight advantage. In my opinion, it's a little more difficult to have some continuity on offense than on defense. There's a reason why certain guys didn't look as sharp, and here's something to consider, and we'll talk about this later in the week, but Potts was 20-27 with half of his offensive line and half of his receivers. That's not bad. And to think that there are some really nice performances at a bunch of positions. 

Don't limit yourself to thinking that one team did better than another, but rather, collectively, there's a lot to be excited about.

The day was absolutely perfect, other than being a tad bit windy. Nothing awful, but an average spring day in West Texas. After the game, the fans got to get on the field, and get autographs from players and coaches. One of the things that I noticed while walking around the field taking pictures after the game was that this is really a family event and at times I felt a bit creepy as I watched guys talk to family members who came a long way to watch their sons play football.

I'm going to have to tell my wife that short shorts are still in style.  You know, to keep her up with what all of the college girls are doing.

I saw V.J. Fehoko, 2010 recruit and linebacker from Hawaii and brother to Sam Fehoko. I'm pretty sure I saw the Fehoko's sisters walking around prior to the game (t-shirts and leis were a dead giveaway). If V.J. commits somewhere else I'll be shocked. After the game he looked like he was having a blast and if he's 5-11, then I'm 6-0 (I'm 5'9"). I could care less about height, if he can play and make plays then sign him up.

Jackson Richards is as big as he's listed. I have no doubt that he's 6-5/240 pounds, without a doubt. Remember that Richards is a 2010 commit, he's going to be a senior after the summer.

Jacob Karam looks like a guy who really loves Texas Tech. I'm pretty excited to get Karam in the fold.

Rashad Hawk is every bit 6-4, but he's also 160. I'm exaggerating a bit, but he's pretty damn skinny.

Seth Doege looked sad about his performance.  I know that this is the first competition in front of a sizable crowd he's faced since he hurt his knees in consecutive years, but he needs to just bounce back, forget the fact that he had just one bad scrimmage.  That's all it is.

There wasn't a player who wasn't incredibly grateful and nice to sign autographs for all of the kids running around with their posters, hats and footballs. Makes you pretty happy to be a Red Raiders. There's some good guys on this team.

I'll get to the different teams and positional breakdowns tomorrow or Wednesday.