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Double-T Nation Tuesday Morning Football Notes - Real Solid Edition

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Morning Notes 6
Morning Notes 6

Odds and Ends

Spring Game Update

The official Texas Tech website released some more details about Saturday's Red-Black Spring Game, which will include an autograph session after the game:

The Red-Black Game kicks off at 1 p.m., preceded by a free kid's clinic from 11-11:30 a.m. and the alumni game from 11:30-noon. Each event will take place on the turf of Jones AT&T Stadium, and the kid's clinic will involve current members of the Red Raider Football team. Admission is free.

I'll see if I can't find out who's going to play in the alumni game.

Texas Tech Football

Adrian Reese Hopes for "Breakout Year"

LAJ's Don Williams feature story is with junior tight end Adrian Reese, who is moving to split end, is looking towards a breakout season:

"That’s what I’m looking forward to doing, having somewhat of a breakout year,’’ Reese said last week. "I’ve been here, this is going on my fourth year. I have yet to score a touchdown. So I’m going into it with a chip on my shoulder, (having) a little bit to prove.’’

Receivers coach Dennis Simmons likes what Reese brings to the outside receiver spot:

"He gives you a bigger, physical body — a more physical player at that position,’’ Simmons said. "Eddie (Britton) is a home-run hitter with his speed. (Reese) gives you a much more physical, durable guy out there on the perimeter. And then his height, that’s always a plus.’’

And Reese is still adjusting to the position:

"I feel like I have somewhat of an advantage,’’ Reese said. "I’m more of a bigger-type receiver. You don’t find too many DBs that can match up with me. I feel like I can bring an advantage when we go goal line — just throw a jump ball and be a little bit more physical at the line.’’

In Tech’s offense, the split end always lines up to the left side of the formation and the "Y’’ inside receiver — what Reese played in the past —is always anchored to the right. One of the adjustments, then, is that Reese is learning to catch passes over the other shoulder.

He said there also seems to be more reading of coverages at split end.

"Now I’ve got to see what the cornerback’s doing, what coverages they’re dropping into,’’ he said. "Just little things like that, that’s probably the biggest adjustment I’ve had.’’

Receivers Adjusting

DT's Alex Ybarra writes about how the receiving group is adjusting to life without Harrell & Crabtree. Ybarra talks with Detron Lewis who said he's frustrated with how he's receiving passes:

"I talked to coach about that (Monday), I told him I was a little frustrated in one-on-ones and (skeleton drills) with how the ball was thrown," said Lewis, who is one of the more experienced receivers in a young, talented stable. "I just talk to him on the regular about it, and he just tells me to control what I can control, and that's all I do."

But goes on to say that he understands it's a progression:

"I know it's a progression, they all need that experience," Lewis said. "I bet Graham, his sophomore year when he first started, I bet he wasn't just like he was his senior year. I just know it's a progression, and (Potts) is gonna get better as each day goes by."

Ybarra mentions the same thing that I was thinking, which is that although Taylor Potts is not lighting the world on fire, the receivers have dropped plenty of passes this spring. Receivers coach Lincoln Riley seems to agree that there's plenty of blame to go around:

"Just guys not doing their job, not trusting what their job is, what their responsibility is," Riley said. "When you go against the defense, the same guys for several practices in a row you almost feel the need to do something different or try something different.

"We just gotta have confidence and faith in what we've been coached to do and go out and do it every time and not try to do anything different than that."

Ybarra also goes into detail about a depth chart if the season were to start today:

Red Raiders Football Notebook

LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook talks about a number of items, including a good day for Taylor Potts:

  • Taylor Potts had a good day running the offense and the Captain was pleased:
    "I thought Potts was real solid,’’ Tech coach Mike Leach said. "I thought Potts had a very good day. (Steven) Sheffield and (Seth) Doege both did some good things, but then they get impatient and try to make too much happen.’’
  • Left tackle Brandon Carter returned to practice.
  • Receiver Rashad Hawk is moving inside and outside to fill in where needed.
  • Donnie Carona is being worked as a punter to push Jonathan LaCour.

Mr. Crabtree is Just Fine

For those of you worried about Michael Crabtree's draft status (i.e. not you guys), don't be as there appears to be that Mr. Crabtree's stock is just fine. Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson (hat-tip pcrawttu), ESPN the Magazine's Seth Wickersham and SI's Peter King (page 4) have all talked with NFL talent evaluators and here's the consensus:

He's pretty good.

Neglected Video, Audio and Photos

Tech Talk's last third of the first hour and the entire second hour was Texas Tech football, although there was nothing ground-breaking. A very nice interview in the second hour with running backs coach Clay McGuire.

Fox34 with a practice report from yesterday.

DT's report on receivers:

Receivers still confident despite loss of Crabtree, Morris from Daily Toreador on Vimeo.