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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes -

There's very little news out there this morning so I thought that it would be a good time to ask what you like and what you don't like. I tend to be a guy of habits and as a result, I get up early, do my thing, and then go to work and not look at DTN (sometimes during lunch) until I get home from work.

I admit that I tend to just do notes, which to me is sometimes a blessing and a curse. With the morning notes, I feel like I tend to bury stories that perhaps deserve a little more front page attention. So help me answer a couple of questions regarding format. I'm always willing and ready to make changes, and the offseason is the perfect time to get into new habits. I plan on doing more stories in the offseason and less notes, just have to make some time, probably after spring practices.

Neglected Video, Audio and Photos

TechTalk with Chris Level and Drew Dougherty had Rajon Henley tape, as well as talking about the defensive line depth, which seems to be much better than it was after Brandon Williams left, offensive line coach Matt Moore with some pretty detailed discussions about the offensive line, special teams coach Eric Russell, who is apparently wearing his guys out and making them work (pants = flying around the room), Jamar Wall is out with a minor ankle procedure and as a result, Brent Nickerson and LaRon Moore will start in the spring.

Fox34 takes a look at the safety position, with video of Cody Davis and Franklin Mitchem.