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OT: Mainstream Media Blogs Posting Game Updates

I really shouldn't be in the business of telling other people how to do their job, but this annoys me to no end.  There are a few certain mainstream media blogs that post updated scores to a separate post rather than just update the initial post (see examples here, here and here).

I just want to assure the newspaper that people are not reading your blogs to be updated about the game online. There are a handful of much better ways to keep up with a game (FoxSports, ESPN, CBSSportsline, Yahoo!, etc.) that allows you to follow a team within a minute or two of the action.

Am I being a little bit petty? Sure, but I've unsubscribed from blogs because there would be 20 blog posts updating scores of games, which really serves no purpose.  And I realize that with my huge threats of unsubscribing from a website's blog probably has the sports editor shaking in their boots, but the truth of the matter is that you guys are giving me a reason not to keep reading.

Perhaps this is the main difference between what we try and do here and what a newspaper is trying to do, but if the purpose of a blog is to get some sort of interaction with your readers (that's mine), posting 10 blog posts leaves your readers without any real outlet to post thoughts about the game or the action then you need to ask yourself if you're accomplishing anything productive.

My advice to you, as a quasi-professional blogger, is to just stop.  And I shouldn't even be saying this because it seems as if this is the one thing that is lost on newspaper blogs is that content is king, there needs to be a reason for people to come back to your blog and if there's no interesting or news-breaking content then people will simply ignore what you're doing.