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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Football Notes - Really Pushing Them Edition

Running Back is Set

LAJ's Don Williams also writes about the incredibly wonderful situation at running back with the Red Raiders. Running backs coach Clay McGuire likes the current set of running backs:

"Baron Batch and Aaron Crawford have both been starters, and Harrison shows a ton of promise," McGuire said. "Right now, we feel like we’re in a good situation. It’s nice having two guys who have played a season as a starter and a young guy nipping at their heels, really pushing them."

Sophomore running back Aaron Crawford says that he feels like himself:

"I feel just like my old self," he said Monday, the third day of Tech’s spring practice. "It’s real good to be back with everybody else, playing."


"I look at it as a learning experience," he said. "I’ve been through many things in my life. I’ve gone through many learning experiences like that. It was just a wait, not a setback or a disappointment or anything. Everybody has setbacks."

McGuire also has no problem with playing one back or more than one back:

"We’ll play more than one back, but we’ll see," McGuire said. "If we have a guy that’s a stud and he’s the horse and we can use him for 70, 80 percent of the reps, then we’re going to do that. If a two-back or three-back, by-committee deal is better for us, then that’s what we’re going to do."

Linebackers Settling In

DT's Mike Coleman writes that the linebacking corp is looking to add to their chemistry from last year. Brian Duncan says that the chemistry is amazing:

"Chemistry on and off the field is just amazing with us," he said. "We're in the film room together, working hard, coaching each other, teaching each other. Saying, 'Hey, you did this wrong, you did that wrong.'"

Neglected Video, Audio and Photos

DT's video report on the linebackers (posted below):

Fox34 with a couple of entries including a review of practice and's Chris Level takes a look at the defense. Good stuff from Fox34 and Level.