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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Execute Better Edition

DTN's Top Four:

  1. Statistically Speaking with a final look at the 2008 college football season and their Standard Deviation Power Index.
  2. Brandon Carter added to Lombardi Award watch list.
  3. Fulmer Cup update, folks are getting their drank-on.
  4. The sometimes corrupt world of Latin American signings in major league baseball (hat-tip Lone Star Ball).

Red Raiders to Take on the Highlanders

Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
UC Riverside
Starting Pitcher
2/27/2009 4:00 p.m. Robbie Kilcrease (1-0, 4.09) Ryan Platt (1-0, 0.00) -
2/28/2009 12:00 p.m. Nate Karns (0-0, 22.50) Paul Bargas (0-1, 6.23) -

*Click on the score for boxscore.

This is a short, midweek two game series with UC Riverside, and the Red Raiders, coming off of a sweep from Cal-State Northridge, splitting one of these two games is absolutely necessary. Although I didn't get to see the team perform, I'm hoping that there's some focus on the offense, to maybe manufacture some runs, get some guys in play and move them around the bases.

LAJ's George Watson previews the series and notes that the Highlanders have had quite a bit of success pitching thus far, so a struggling Texas Tech offense will certainly need to step up their game.

DT's Mike Graham talks with head coach Dan Spencer about UC Riverside:

"They've got a good club," Spencer said. "Strong, veteran pitching. It's going to be all we can handle."


"It's always important to win," Spencer said. "It's important for us to execute better. That leads to wins."