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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - No Contract Talks Edition

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Looking Back at Recruiting

LAJ's Don Williams gets off of the contract talks and back onto recruiting and looks back at the success/failure rate of Texas Tech's 2005-2008 recruiting classes. An interesting read for sure and it should impress on you how much of a crap-shoot recruiting actually is.

Texas Tech Beats Baylor

How about that? I can't pull it up after a game, but KenPom had Texas Tech with a 31% chance of beating Baylor. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the game, but it appears that Pat Knight and the team made some adjustments and won a close game against the Baylor Bears, 83-76 (boxscore). LAJ's Don Williams and Jeff Walker have last night's game story and KAMC28 has your video highlights as well as some post-game quotes from John Roberson and Alan Voskuil, who both look like the world has been lifted off their shoulders.

Senior guard Alan Voskuil (a very efficient 5-9 for 18 points) sounds up-beat:

"It was tremendous,’’ said Tech guard Alan Voskuil, whose four free throws in the last 22 seconds sealed the team’s first win since Jan. 20. "I mean, you’ve got to start somewhere. The past two or three games, we’ve been a couple of possessions away from winning. This is a good way to get on a roll. We start with one win; hopefully we can build on this and keep going.’’

And Pat Knight continues to praise his team (which he's been doing in the last couple of losses as well) for not giving up on him or themselves:

"I was just really happy for the seniors and our players,’’ said Knight, whose team was coming off an 81-80 loss Wednesday at Oklahoma State. "They have not given up. They have been playing so hard in practice. It was just a big relief on my part, more or less, for them. A lot of teams would have quit on you, especially a first-year coach, but I haven’t had any problems with them. In practice, they’ve just gone after it.’’

Here's a couple of things I noticed from perusing the boxscore:

  • I really didn't have time to put together a real preview yesterday, but if I did have the time, one of my keys to the game would have been not to let LaceDarius Dunn shoot. At all. Last night, Dunn was 2-6 from the floor and finished with 13 points, but I'll take it.
  • Big Lew is on a roll, Part I. Freshman center Robert Lewandowski was 7-8 from the field with 4 boards and 15 points. Lew has scored in double-figures in 5 straight games.
  • John Roberson is simmering down. In the Missouri game, Roberson had 5 TO's, but since then, he's had 3 or less turnovers in his past 4 games and NO turnovers last night. In fact, Roberson over his last 4 games has an assist to turnover ratio of 4.375:1. Roberson also had 16 points for the day. Perhaps this is a sign of Roberson's maturation.
  • Singletary is going to have to start earning his minutes. I've noticed that Mike Singletary's minutes has decreased over the last few games and I think a big part of that is his carelessness witht he ball. Singletary played 15 minutes and led the team in turnovers with 3.
  • Michael Prince had 6 offensive rebounds and 10 rebounds total. Good stuff.
  • Baylor had 0 fast break points.
  • Texas Tech out-scored Baylor in the paint, 30-16.

Practice Report

LAJ's George Watson has another practice report and it's absolutely packed with information. A couple of snipets, first on senior pitcher Miles Morgan:

Most impressive pitcher of the day: That, hands down, would have to be Miles Morgan. Folks, Miles was downright dominant in his three innings on Friday — I mean 2006 dominant when he was the Big 12 Freshman Pitcher of the Year. Spence has targeted Miles for a starting role, and I can see why. He faced 11 batters, allowing a hit and hitting a batter but striking out four and getting five ground ball outs, nobody was able to lift the ball other than Taylor Ashby when he singled. I’m telling you, if that is the Miles we see this season, Tech just got a major boost. And no one deserves it more than Miles after what he’s been through, from his academic situation as a true freshman to two years of recovery from shoulder surgery. Gotta root for a guy like that.

And freshman hitters are doing well:

Most impressive hitter of the day: Most of the pitchers threw well so hitting was at a premium. Freshman infielder Justin Berry had a couple of hits, including a double. Freshman outfielder Mason Macnoll, who has had a good week of work, reached base three times. Freshman outfielder Kengray Fleming had a nice bunt single and senior second baseman