Proposed Cotton Bowl Game With Baylor

Just wondering what the Raider Nation was thinking and discussing about the possibility of the game with Baylor being moved to the Cotton Bowl. I for one am not interested in such a match up. At the risk of sounding like an Aggie bemoaning being beaten by "inferior teams", can't we find a better opponent?  I think playing Baylor sends the wrong message to the Metroplex and potential recruits. I've already been asked by friends if this is the best Tech can do to find a marquee match up in Dallas? The venue is not exciting in the least even with the new renovations. Access and parking are still the same crowded mess they have always been. I can't see any prestige in playing in the Cotton Bowl.  What will area high school players think? A&M will be playing in Jerry World where the Super Bowl will be played and Tech is playing in the Cotton Bowl where, well nothing of note will be played once Texas OU completes their contract. Maybe there are reasons why we should not play in Jerry World or better opponents are not available. Maybe the Cotton Bowl is a better or more lucrative venue than I think. Please let me know?  I may not have all the facts and I really want to hear what you think. 

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