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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - The Perfect System Edition

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I'm Sure I've Missed Something

There were a ton of articles yesterday and I'm sure that I've missed something. If I did miss anything of huge importance, then please feel free to post a FanPost or add a comment to this entry.

DTN's TopThree:

  1. Former Dallas Cowboy Terry Glenn arrested for PI and possession of marijuana.
  2.'s Mike Fisher interviews Bob Hayes Jr..
  3. Austin frisbee golf saved by stimulus package.

Recruiting Linkdump

No Deal Yet at the Cotton Bowl with Baylor

DMN's Dallas City Hall Blog says that there's still no deal between Baylor and Texas Tech, but everyone is waiting on the Red Raiders:

"It isn't soup yet. There isn't a deal," Dyer said. "Baylor is ready and Texas Tech is still on the fence. There is not yet anything from Tech."

Red Raiders Lose to Cowboys

LAJ's Jeff Walker details how Oklahoma State came back from down by 16 to beat Texas Tech. I couldn't watch the game (no ESPNU) but at the very least, the Red Raiders are keeping it close (boxscore) and they're competing every time they go out on the court. The difference in the game was Byron Eaton shooting 20 free throws. I'm not sure how that happens, especially only on 7 shots, but damn that's a lot of fouls and free throws.

Coach Pat Knight is keeping his chin up and is encouraging his team:

"Great effort. I mean, I feel bad for these guys," Tech head coach Pat Knight said. "You hit a layup here or there it’s a different story. I just feel bad for them. They deserved to win that (when) you play on the road and give that type of effort. But, life’s tough. You can do two things - quit or just keep on keeping on. We just have no choice. We’ve got to keep on working."