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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Needed A Spark Edition

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Updated Recruiting Sidebar

Last night, I was busy updating the football recruiting sidebar, so feel free to scroll down and to the left for information on all of the current commits. This should remain pretty static until Wednesday. I'll have an open thread tomorrow morning so feel free to go crazy talking recruits.

DTN's Top Four:

  1. Tier-One status still up in the air for Texas Tech.
  2. Rush the Court checks in on the Big 12.
  3. ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin defines the redshirt, grayshirt and greenshirt.
  4. DMN's Brandon George with an interesting look back at the 2004 signing class and Texas schools.

Knighton Is One Year Wonder

LAJ's Don Williams has a bit more on Texas Tech commit Longview's Chris Knighton. Knighton will grayshirt this next year (see Griffin's link above), but his Longview head coach felt like he's got quite a bit of potential at defensive end, last year being his first year at that position:

"We felt like the move would help him and help us as well,’’ King said Monday. "We told a lot of (college coaches) in the spring he was going to make the move to defense, but they still hadn’t seen him play. There was still some question whether he was going to be a D-I caliber player. I think he performed up to his potential.

"That’s what happens with all this early-commit crap. It hurts a kid like that. One-year starters who play well get overlooked because everybody’s already filled up on other (recruits).’’

I like the idea of taking players who are long on talent, but may not have the experience, however, I'd like for it not to be a position of need like defensive end. In 2010 it's going to be slim pickings for defensive ends  and projects are fine, just not where there's going to be an almost immediate need at a position, like defensive end.  

Only Five Red Raiders Invited to NFL Combine

LAJ's Don Williams reports that only five players were invited to the NFL combine:

  • Graham Harrell, Quarterback
  • Michael Crabtree, Receiver
  • Louis Vasquez, Offensive Guard
  • Brandon Williams, Defensive End
  • Darcel McBath, Safety

Excluded from the combine were the following Red Raiders:

  • Daniel Charbonnet, Safety
  • Rylan Reed, Offensive Tackle
  • Eric Morris, Receiver

Kicker to be Preferred Walk-On

LAJ's Don Williams writes that Blinn College kicker Brad Hicks will be a preferred walk-on next year for Texas Tech. Here's Hicks on the opportunity:

"At first, it was kind of difficult,’’ he said, "but I’ve always wanted to play Division I football and if you have an opportunity to live out your dream, you take it. You can’t pass up a team that had a such great year last year. It was an honor to be offered a walk-on spot. I felt really great about it.’’

Pat Knight Fallout

After Pat Knight is reprimanded it appears that headline writers for the Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital-Journal maybe feel like that Pat Knight got off a little easy after Saturday's ejection from the Nebraska game. I was all but sure that he was going to get a 2 or 3 game suspension, but this is the biggest difference between Pat Knight and Bob Knight . . . people skills. I'm not sure how he talked his way out of this, but I'm glad that he has that kind of persuasive ability. Now, if we can get Junior Knight to persuade his players to not turn the ball over so much, I'll be good.

Associate head coach Chris Beard was at yesterday's teleconference and had this to say about Pat's ejection:

"I think coaches often will try to get the team motivated, as well as the crowd, in different ways," said Beard, who directed the Red Raiders following Knight's ejection. "He just thought the team needed a spark, so I think it was a calculated thing by Pat."

Bob Knight to Georgia . . . Not So Fast

Thanks to DT's Alex Ybarra, for the transcript, but it appears that the "Bob Knight to Georgia" rumors are perhaps a little premature:

In an interview Monday during the Tirico and Van Pelt show on ESPN Radio, Knight said no contact has been made between him and athletic officials from Georgia. The Journal-Constitution also reported that Georgia's President Michael Adams and Athletic Director Damon Evans declined to speculate on Knight or any other candidate.

"It has to be a situation that I think is right for me and one where I would be right for the university," Knight told ESPN. "I have never said that I wouldn't coach again. I've simply said in the past, if the right situation came along, I would be interested."

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, Bob Knight is done recruiting, so if you want a guy who is just going to coach and that's it, then RMK is your guy. I don't think that Georgia has so much talent that this is the case, and there's a strong possibility that RMK will make the team better, but I'm pretty sure that most elite athletes just don't want to play for him anymore.