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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Let One Get Away Edition

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DTN's Top Three:

  1. ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin looks at spring position battles.
  2. Fulmer Cup update with Hawaii leading the way.
  3. Interesting, a March 2009 Vanity Fair article on the making of The Godfather (hat-tip Kottke).

Michael Crabtree Reconsiders Running 40

Apparently, Michael Crabtree is now reconsidering running the 40 later next month and at this point, it's a guessing game by Crabtree and his advisors. Yesterday, Crabtree said the proposition of him running was 50/50:

"It’s 50-50," Crabtree said of the operation Tuesday. "I’m going to take some time and evaluate it."

Here's the rub, if Crabtree runs he'll need surgery to repair the ankle and he might miss some of the the early camps. If Crabtree doesn't run he has the surgery now and is ready right about the time that NFL camps will be starting, but then he has to figure out how far he falls, if he falls at all, because the difference between being drafted 4th overall and 20th overall is tens of millions of dollars.

It's all about the Benjamins at this point, and it should be as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to set him and his family up for generations.

The Aggies Will Win 2009 National Championship

This really needs no comment, I think it stands on it's own two legs. And yes, I don't think this was a joke. Thank you EDSBS.

Texas Tech Travels to Austin to Take on Longhorns

LAJ's Jeff Walker talks with Chris Beard and Stew Robinson taking the reins for tonight's game against the Texas Longhorns. Here's Chris Beard on what to expect:

"I’ll be the acting head coach, but I anticipate Stew and I will work closely together because this is his game," Beard said. "Everything will be the same. Everything has been the same this week. Pat has been to all the practices. He’ll be traveling with us, but he can’t be in the arena as part of his suspension. The only thing that changes is that we’ll now decide when to use time outs and substitutions and who plays, things like that."

Coach Robinson talks about the Longhorns:

"They’ve been up and down a little bit, but they’re a dangerous team," Robinson said. "It depends on which Texas team shows up, the one that beat Oklahoma or the one that struggled earlier in a loss at home to Kansas State."

Freshman center Robert Lewandowski is intent on continuing to work hard:

"Right now, we’ve got three weeks left in the regular season and we’re going to work our tails off to do the best we can," freshman center Robert Lewandowski said. "We’ve got the hardest stretch of schedule in the Big 12 with Texas now and then Oklahoma and then right after that we’ve got Kansas. So, this is not the time to be down on ourselves. This is the time to work our hardest and see if we can pull off a few upsets."

And the DT's Alex Ybarra has a nice quote from Texas coach Rick Barnes (is it wrong for me to admit that I really like Barnes as a head coach?):

"I know what it's like when you're fighting for every possession and you fight for your kids, you fight for your coaches, you fight for everybody," Barnes said. "At some point in time you hit a point where you feel like you gotta do what you think you need to do. I understand. Believe me, I've been there. I've gone through those situations, and they're hard because you're fighting and scratching for everything."

Red Raiders Lose First Game to Lobos

Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
New Mexico
Starting Pitcher
2/24/2009 4:00 p.m. Brian Cloud (L) 0-1 Gabe Aguilar (W) 1-0 10-13
2/25/2009 2:00 p.m. Robbie Kilcrease (0-0, 5.40) Jason Oatman (0-0, 11.25) -

*Click on the score for boxscore.

New Mexico 13, Texas Tech 10

LAJ's George Watson and DT's Mike Graham have recaps from yesterday's game and this one was lost late as relievers Louis Head (1.2 IP; 2 H; 5 ER; 1 BB; 1 SO; 3 HBP) and Brian Cloud (3.0 IP; 5 H; 3 ER; 4 BB; 2 SO) gave up a healthy 10-5 lead in the 7th and 9th innings.

Head coach Dan Spencer does not want to give away games late:

"When you get to the seventh with a five-run lead, you’re supposed to win those games, and obviously we let one get away," head coach Dan Spencer said. "When you score six runs in an inning, you need some help and we helped them with hit batters and walks. You can’t help anybody and surely not a good team that is an offensive club. They didn’t have to earn much in that inning."

And first baseman Chris Richburg knows that this team has to close out its opponents:

"(At 10-5) in the seventh, everybody in the ballpark felt like the game should have been over," said Richburg, who also had an RBI single as part of a three-run first inning. "When your offense isn’t putting up runs in the last four innings, that’s not going to help, and we felt like in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings this time of year we’ve got to put some good at bats together and pitch and play defense, and we didn’t to any of those things tonight. It’s something we can’t let happen again."

Watson mentions late in his article that this could be a problem if Cloud doesn't get things worked out because he's expected to be the team's closer, or at the very least a candidate for this season.