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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Win Four Edition

If you missed the news and notes from Saturday and Sunday, make sure and check them out as the Red Raider Baseball team jumped out to a 4-0 start with two more games this week before heading out to the West Coast for an 8-game road swing.

DTN's Top Three:

  1. Predicting the field of 65 from Searchign for Billy Edilin, a new SB Nation College basketball blog.
  2. BOTC Big 12 outlook for this week.
  3. ESPN's Outside the Lines with more on John Wall and colleges hiring AAU coaches to lure their players (video) (see more from DTN here).

Crabtree Will Run

The AP's Michael Marot writes that Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree will run at at his pro-day:

In an odd scene at the league’s annual scouting combine, Crabtree strolled quickly across the media room moments after Patriots coach Bill Belichick finished speaking. He walked up a couple of steps, smiled at reporters and then gave a 20-second statement confirming the decision to delay surgery so he could run in front of scouts during next month’s personal workout.

"It’s an old injury that I’ve been having, but I never had any pain in it," he said. "I will run my 40, and after that I will have surgery."

I'm not sure I understand the point of running, especially when it appears from what I've read is going to require surgery to be repaired, and why he would delay. I know that he doesn't want to hurt his draft status, and perhaps he feels like he has something to prove because his speed is being questioned, but I don't whoever is giving Crabtree the advice to run when he is injured.

Pat Knight Likes Team's Attitude

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes that Pat Knight is incredibly happy with the effort from his team. This is an incredible 180 that Pat Knight has pulled, for the better, and I commend Knight for changing his tone during this difficult season. Pat Knight has gone from being incredibly hard on his guys, almost giving up on them to these quotes fromo yesterday:

"These kids are giving me everything they have in practice. If the fans have a problem with what we’re doing, or the media, I don’t care because these kids are giving me everything they’ve got," Knight said. "I don’t care what the record says, I mean, these kids in practice are just busting their butts. The record is not where we want it to be, but I wouldn’t trade these kids for anything. As long as I coach, I’ll always remember this group, that they didn’t lay down on me. We’re taking some bad punches, but it’s like they say, ‘It’s not how hard you can punch but how hard you can take a punch.’ These kids are going to keep on going and I love these guys and I’ll defend them until the end."

If Junior Knight had this attitude earlier in the year I think there would still be a number of fans still on his bandwagon. Knight continues about how he's not looking ahead despite having some relatively young players:

"I’m encouraged with Robert, Nick, Singletary, Roberson, Roberts, Corbin Ray tonight, but I don’t want to look ahead," Knight said. "I’ve got a group of seniors and I want to play for them. There’s a phrase in boxing, ‘Play it to the bone,’ which means play it all the way. We’re going to play it to the bone. We’ve got games left, these guys aren’t going to give up and we’re going to play it all the way and see what happens."

And if you want to catch-up on Saturday's loss to the Aggies, check out DT's Alex Ybarra's re-cap. I still haven't watched the game, but I'll try to do it before Wednesday night's game against Texas.

Red Raiders Start Season 4-0

Opponent Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Southern Utah 2/20/2009 1:00 p.m. Chad Bettis (W) 1-0 Kyle Hammon (L) 0-1 14-3
Texas-Pan American 2/20/2009 4:00 p.m. Brian Cloud (W) 1-0 David DeLeon (L) 0-1 6-5
Southern Utah 2/21/2009 3:00 p.m. Miles Morgan (W) 1-0 Kyle Melling (L) 0-1 8-2
Texas-Pan American 2/22/2009 3:00 p.m. AJ Ramos (W) 1-0) Anthony Garcia (L) 0-1

*Click on the score for boxscore.

Texas Tech 10, Texas-Pan American 4

Another game and another win. Texas Tech is starting the season at 4-0, the first time since 2005 and it's refreshing. LAJ's George Watson has the game recap for the final win against Texas-Pan American and head coach Dan Spencer is pleased about the start:

"Anytime you can play four and win four, you can’t complain," Spencer said. "I thought the guys’ intensity level was high all weekend, and for the first time for our coaching staff to be in the dugout together like that. If we continue to pitch, we’ll continue to win. For a Sunday, everybody is tired and our guys showed up, executed well and took advantage of some opportunities later in the game."

And I loved this note:

On the weekend, Tech pitchers allowed just 14 runs, the fewest a Red Raider staff has allowed through the first four games of a season since 1999 (11).

To the game itself, the Red Raiders jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the 2nd inning and never looked back. AJ Ramos, coming off of reconstructive elbow surgery, pitched 3.0 innings, giving up 2 hits, no runs, 2 walks and striking out 3. Ben Flora, Lorenzo Douglas and Jordan Stern all helped finish out the game pitching out of the pen, collectively giving up 6.0 innings, giving up 7 hits, 4 runs, all earned, walking out 4 and striking out 4. At the plate, it was a collective effort as junior Joey Kenworthy (3-5), freshman Justin Berry (2-4) and freshman Scott LeJeune (2-4) all had 2 RBI to help power the offense. Lots of freshmen contributing to the cause.