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Jarvis Phillips -- Possible Answer At Point Guard?

I was thinking tonight about some of the most recent point guard play by John Roberson, who can be terrific offensively, but seems to have problems making bad decisions in transition, which is a problem for a point guard.  Last week I was looking at some stories on recent Texas Tech football commit Jarvis Phillips (6'0"/190) and his outstanding play as the Carter Cowboy's point guard.  Carter is 24-3 for the year and Phillips is averaging 12.3 points (3rd on team), 5.2 rebounds (2nd on team) and 6.2 assists (1st on team) for the year. 

I haven't seen Phillips play a lick of basketball, but is there a remote possibility that Phillips could man the point guard position next year, or at the very least help out?  I know that it's difficult for a freshman to play both sports, but I would imagine that Phillips will not play football at all next year, but considering the overall lack of depth at the guard position (it's pretty slim next year with John Roberson and Nick Okorie being the only returning guards) then this may not be a bad option.  And although I can't be sure, I'm guessing that Phillips is a pass-first point guard and although I've looked for video, I'm wondering if Pat Knight would even consider a situation like this? 

It's obviously a position of need and I'm wondering how willing Pat Knight is going to think outside the box to upgrade talent on this team.  At this point, I'm pretty sure that I'm up for any idea and I'd like for Pat Knight to get him there and work him up, just to see if it's a possibility.