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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - A Little Squirrelly Edition

DTN's Top Six:

  1. How to properly utiilize a FanShot.
  2. Kirk Ferentz gets new contract. What? How can this happen? What about all of the emails and the contract negotiations being played out in public? Outrage.
  3. OSU pitcher Andrew Oliver won his court battle with the NCAA and will play this year.
  4. BOTC's Big 12 Outlooks for this week.
  5. LAJ's Jeff Walker's Big 12 Extra (pdf).
  6. I find this stuff fascinating. A mass Aztec grave was found, and may have been warriors from fighting Cortes.

Baylor vs. Texas Tech in Dallas

DMN's Brandon George reports that Baylor and Texas Tech have agreed move the game to Dallas and will play the November 28, 2009 game in the new Dallas Cowboys stadim (which is Baylor's home game) and the 2010 game at the Cotton Bowl (which is Texas Tech's home game). I think I've said it before, I've gone back and forth on this issue, and as of today, I'm not in favor of giving up a home game in any given year, but living in the DFW area, it's going to make it a lot easier for me to go to a game.

There's two sides to every story.

Leach Stuff, Part #5

DMN's Kevin Sherrington writes that both Mike Leach and Texas Tech need to make the relationship work and this sums it up for me, personally:

Question: How could it come to this impasse, with Tech willing to risk its football future?

Answer: Money and power, same as the end of every civilization.

As I stated yesterday, everyone deserves credit and everyone deserves blame. Rather than choose sides, we should be admonishing Leach, Leach's agents, Kent Hance, Gerald Myers and anyone else that is involved in this "negotiation" process.  It's on both sides, the money, the power, everything else.  Both sides don't want to budge, don't want to give in to the other.

Back to Sherrington, it's a good look at Leach and that Texas Tech only wants him to coach football, while other universities will want Leach shaking hands and playing golf rather than roller-blading.

Meanwhile, SAEN's Buck Harvey writes that Texas Tech needs to live with Leach's wandering eye and be happy with it.

I'll say it again, every one of these parties deserves blame.

Okorie Finds Range

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes that one of the positives from Wednesday night's loss to K-State is Nick Okorie finding his range. Junior Knight had this to say about Okorie:

"That was good for him. He hasn’t been the same kid that we had at the start of the season because of the ankle injury," Tech head coach Pat Knight said. "I’m hoping this gives him some confidence. That’s why I kept him in there. I could have taken him out, worrying about injuries, but he’s got to hit some shots. With this atmosphere and this crowd and against one of the best teams in our league right now, I thought this was good for him from a mental standpoint."

And Pat Knight wants some consistency with his team:

"Play with some pride," Knight said of his halftime speech. "Can we win it? I don’t know, but cut into it. You can’t win it individually. … Just get good shots. I thought we competed in the second half. What frustrates me is why can’t we play that hard in the first half? I’m not saying we would have won the game, but we would have been in the game. It’s so hard when you put yourself in that kind of deficit."

Previewing OU

DT's Alex Ybarra previews Texas Tech's next opponent, the 24-1 Oklahoma Sooners. Freshman center Robert Lewandowski isn't backing down from the challenge of covering Blake Griffin:

"I don't expect to like shut him down and hold him to two points or whatever," Lewandowski said, "but I wanna be able to say I played against Blake Griffin and held my own.

"At the same time, it's not just about him. It's a whole team around him that supports him."

Baseball Team Ready to Hit the Field

DT's Mike Graham writes that the Red Raiders are ready for some competition other than each other. Head coach Dan Spencer said his guys are getting anxious:

"You get to this point, the guys get a little squirrelly," Spencer said, "and they're excited and it may be a little harder to get focused at the start of a drill or the start of a practice, but you're only as good as your preparation on test day."

First baseman Chris Richburg is also ready to get things going:

"I think it's the same every year," he said. "We get sick and tired of seeing and playing the same people every day and playing against each other. Any time you come out and get that first game under your belt, it's a relief. Just to get the opportunity to play someone else, no matter who it may be is a whole lot of fun."