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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Waiting Just Like Ya'll Edition

DTN's Top Four:

  1. Dawg Sports' T. Kyle King takes on the College Football Playoff Act of 2009.
  2. The NCAA wants to curb endzone celebrations.
  3. Fulmer Cup Update -- Oklahoma State receiver Bo Bowling was arrested for felony drug possession with the intent to distribute.
  4. Bob Knight thinks that Gatorade may be a performance enhancing drug.

Leach Stuff, Part #4

KCBD Channel 11 is reporting that Mike Leach and his agents have made a counter-offer with the story only saying as follows:

The counteroffer softens the four items but doesn't get rid of them entirely. It's now up to Tech to respond.

There's nothing that details how the counter-offer softens Texas Tech's current offer, but I'd imagine we find out sometime soon.

Meanwhile, new DTN user Rico Plano points out that there's a small chance that the parking spot is a point of contention as raised by SportingNews' Matt Hayes because the football and basketball complexes are on opposite sides of the campus. I'll be honest, I was thinking that this might be in regards to the athletic department and not at the respective facilities. CBS Sportsline's Dennis Dodd says that Mike Leach does not want to be Texas Tech's head coach, but I'd be careful about what we read from Dodd as he thought Leach was arrogant for not bringing Mike Leach Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree to the Big 12 Media Days.

All Michael Crabtree, All The Time

Lots of different stories from the local DFW media sources: Dallas Cowboys' Nick Eatman, DMN's Brian Davis and FWST's Dwain Price. Crabtree is training at Michael Johnson Performance Center (you may want to turn down your sound), will not be running the 40 at the NFL Combine as his ankle is still healing, but will run at a pro-day in Dallas at the end of March.

Crabtree is also anxious to figure out what Leach and Texas Tech are going to do, per Price's story:

"A lot of people up there [in Lubbock are] waiting to see what he’s going to do," Crabtree said Wednesday. "I’m waiting to see what he’s going to do myself.

"I thought he was going to sign his contract before I even signed to go to the NFL."


"I was looking forward to seeing next season and how things were going to go," Crabtree said. "I’m just sitting back and waiting just like ya’ll."

Red Raiders Lose to Wildcats

Although the final score, 73-85 (boxscore), doesn't look too bad, this was a 20 point affair for most of the game. LAJ's Jeff Walker has the story from Manhattan last night and apparently Pat Knight knew early that Texas Tech needed to cover the 3-point shooters:

"I saw it coming. I told them, ‘Here we go gentleman. They’re going to have you down by 20 before you know it,’" Knight said. "We told them we wanted to take away all threes. We wanted to stay on (Jacob) Pullen and Clemente and face guard them. We give up those threes and I call timeout and I’m like, ‘Gentlemen, here it goes.’ They just weren’t listening to what we wanted done, and before you know it we’re down 20."

Some boxscore observations:

  • Robert Lewandowski only scored 8 points and grabbed 1 board, stopping his streak of double-figure scoring.
  • John Roberson was not having a good night, 1-9 shooting. Roberson had 9 assists and 5 turnovers.
  • Nick Okorie seemed to get back on track, going 6-11 from the field, 5-9 from the 3-point line. I just don't want Okorie to fall in love with the 3-point shot. Nick was also 4-7 from the free throw line.
  • Alan Voskuil continues to shoot the ball well, 6-12 from the field.
  • Texas Tech only managed 22 rebounds for the entire game, being out-rebounded by 10.